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message 1: by Lissa (new)

Lissa A few things happened. They layered the make-up on him (he's totally rosy-cheeked in HP). Also he lost weight. He was told to put on a six-pack but the budget was too low to afford him a personal trainer so he just started working out without eating correctly and lost weight rather than gained muscle. You can see his skinniness in the second film when he's shirtless.

Eh... I read things.

message 2: by Ava Oceana (new)

Ava Oceana What happened?

He wasn't Edward.


message 3: by Saniya (last edited Oct 31, 2011 04:34AM) (new)

Saniya Lissa wrote: "A few things happened..."

Ouch! o.o
He really looked nice before! :\ Should have left twilight! -.-

Sabrina- LOL!
He was Cedric! ^.^ Whenever I read his scenes in the book, I get weirdly excited. xD

message 4: by Ava Oceana (new)

Ava Oceana He's actually pretty hot when he's not a creepy white vampire. XD.

message 5: by Saniya (new)

Saniya IKR! =D

message 6: by Hira (new)

Hira Bella happened.

message 7: by Ava Oceana (new)

Ava Oceana Hira wrote: "Bella happened."


message 8: by Aleeeeeza (new)

Aleeeeeza YES, exactly. man, he was so amazing as cedric diggory. like, i-wanted-to-marry-him amazing. AND THEN TWILIGHT HAPPENED! :(

btw, love the new profile pic!

message 9: by Saniya (new)

Saniya Seriously! Whenever I am reading a scene in which Cedric is there, I am getting weirdly excited or awkwardly smiling. x)
Why did he join twilight, WHY?! :(

Awh, thankyou =)

message 10: by Shep (new)

Shep Sabrina wrote: "He's actually pretty hot when he's not a creepy white vampire. XD."

Right? He looked good in HP 4 D:

message 11: by Ava Oceana (new)

Ava Oceana Scarlet wrote: "Sabrina wrote: "He's actually pretty hot when he's not a creepy white vampire. XD."

Right? He looked good in HP 4 D:"

Daniel's incredibly good looks transferred to Robert. xD.

message 12: by Ava Oceana (new)


Rida (Raindrop Reflections) Me too, Sabrina. I think that makes me weird.

And Saniya, I totally agree. I mean, okay, Cedric-in-HP had black hair, but I liked Rob Pattison in the movie... until Twilight.

message 14: by Saniya (last edited Nov 04, 2011 04:08PM) (new)

Saniya Why did he had to die?!! >.<
If there were more of Cedric's role in HP, then he might have not joined Twilight :(

Rida (Raindrop Reflections) LOL, that's TRUE.

Okay, now I'm trying to imagine the series WITH Diggory in it. Hmm.

message 16: by Saniya (last edited Nov 04, 2011 04:14PM) (new)

Saniya WOW! *_*
It would have been amazing o.o

message 17: by Ava Oceana (new)


He could make out with Cho instead of Bella. -_-

Rida (Raindrop Reflections) Sabrina wrote: "IT WOULD HAVE.

He could make out with Cho instead of Bella. -_-"

LOL that.

message 19: by Saniya (new)

Saniya LMAO! Seriously! xD

message 20: by Ava Oceana (new)

Ava Oceana It's better then I-never-smile-Bella. Cho is cool. Bella is not. :D A Cho/Cedric make-out scene is a BILLION times better then a Edward/Bella scene. :P

message 21: by Saniya (new)

Saniya True that! :D
I wish I can go to any MTV awards and when Edward wins anything, I scream CEDRIC DIGGORY! xD

message 22: by Ava Oceana (new)

Ava Oceana Saniya wrote: "True that! :D
I wish I can go to any MTV awards and when Edward wins anything, I scream CEDRIC DIGGORY! xD"


message 23: by Kasey (new)

Kasey Well, I agree this was not the best movie. However, you are here to review the book not the movie.

message 24: by Saniya (last edited Feb 25, 2013 12:23PM) (new)

Saniya What in the world? Can't you see I wrote like, the whole review about the book after that para about the movie? And please, I can write anything which is related to this book.

message 25: by Emily (new)

Emily well, this entire series is from harry's point of view, so it would be strange if hermione got her own 2 chapters, or something, and then it went back to harry, for the remaining of the series.
also, moody/jr. took so long with teleporting harry to voldemort because he wasn't supposed to get caught. had he dropped a pen and harry had teleported when he picked it up, it would be much easier to blame moody/jr. than if he made the cup into a port key (:

message 26: by Saniya (new)

Saniya Meh, I know. :( I really wanted a novella atleast in Hermione's POV! :D
But he was a trusted teacher right? He could have teleported Harry by making him come in a secret room or something. And then act like nothing happened?

message 27: by Somerandom (new)

Somerandom Maybe Voldy wanted Harry to go through the Tri Wizard cup because the tests are almost cruel (according to Hermione.) Voldy likes to fuck with peoples minds and maybe he figured The Cup would fuck with Harry's mind and debilitate him.

message 28: by Saniya (new)

Saniya Don't we all just love Voldemort? xD

message 29: by Laura (new)

Laura Clode I have to disagree with u strongly about the whole complexity of moody/crouch jr. That was kind of the whole point of it, he was supposed to b dead so it was a genius way of surprising people... Which it did. If the movie showed everything from this book it would fifteen hours long, yes I was disappointed the quidditch World Cup wasn't in it, but having the triwizard tournament was entertaining enough.
I love how u adopted the films actors as the characters in the book, when I see cedric I don't see James Patterson I see the figure using my imagination as j k Rowling intended. However much I really hated it, they needed to kill a well liked (but not so essential) character to show the reader how heartless voldemorts followers are, if they r that evil it allows the mind of the reader to imagine what voldemorts himself is capable of. We hear about the torture and murder but only when it's associated with someone we identify with does it truly have any effect on our hearts.

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