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message 1: by Ayana (new)

Ayana I LOVEEE VLAD!!! Can't wait for this book too!! :)

message 2: by Charina (new)

Charina the minute I saw that picture my first thought were "he is Vlad, and he is Dimitri." lol

message 3: by Taschima (new)

Taschima Cullen Charina wrote: "the minute I saw that picture my first thought were "he is Vlad, and he is Dimitri." lol"

YES! Dimitri definitely... the rough look, the hair, the face, the body...

message 4: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette cant wait! well I have to.. but don't. want to

message 5: by Perla (new)

Perla Mendoza I loved this book! So good! The model's name is Paul Marron. :) He's gorgeous. *_*

message 6: by Taschima (last edited Jun 27, 2012 01:27PM) (new)

Taschima Cullen He is VLAD! I keep reading it and every time Vlad is mentioned I see the model of the cover. He's pretty much dead on ;)

message 7: by Perla (new)

Perla Mendoza I so agree!

message 8: by Taschima (new)

Taschima Cullen I'm taking my time with the book, an by taking my time I mean I started yesterday and by the time I looked again I was already in page 200. So I made myself go to sleep (after an imaginary cold shower; I had just past chapter 23 *fans herself*)... pretty sure I'm finishing it today T__T

message 9: by Becca (new)

Becca Is it as good as the Night huntress series?

message 10: by Taschima (new)

Taschima Cullen The Night Huntress series is better, but this is also very very very good :D

message 11: by Becca (new)

Becca Sweet woohoo i'm excited to read this now.! But at the same time the selfish part of me wanted Once Burned to be not as good cause I just think that Cat and Bones are the just the best book couple I just didn't want this book to top them.lol. That just me though. Sorry.

message 12: by Taschima (new)

Taschima Cullen Oh they are and always will be the best!!

message 13: by Becca (new)

Becca I totally agree!

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