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message 1: by VB (new)

VB i no Narnia is a wonderfull book to read. I first read it myself just about 2 years ago on my 12th birthday. it is great i love it.

message 2: by Deepti (new)

Deepti I agree with you guys. I first read it in 5th grade and I had asked the complete series for my bday and read every single one of them. I loved them!

message 3: by Nenad (new)

Nenad Its cool

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Hi, Manuel. If you liked the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, you should check out the "King of the Trees" series by William Burt. (The Goodreads page for Book I is: I've read all six books in his series. I hear the seventh one is coming out this summer. I think they are better than Narnia, but that's just my opinion. They make nice readalouds, because each book has a pronunciation guide and glossary at the back. The series web site is It's a fun site.

message 5: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Davie What a lovely way to interest kids in wanting to read!! You lucky dog!!

message 6: by Suna (new)

Suna This was the first book 'non-picture' book I ever read too. Also in year 4 :) I came to write my first review ever for my first book ever and saw that what you had to say was along the same lines as what I was about to say :)

message 7: by Angelpupplover (new)

Angelpupplover this is a nice book that every body can read i am a book lover this is the best book i ever read

message 8: by Josh.burns (new)

Josh.burns Guys what button do you press to read the book from your books? Thankyou

message 9: by Cece (new)

Cece I completely agree with your review. It said it all, everything I would have if I wrote a review for it- I felt the exact same way and also had it read to me in grade four. Makes me want to read the whole thing again.

message 10: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Wow... I related to this review completely and wholeheartedly! :')

message 11: by Charlie (new)

Charlie Love the book

message 12: by Sy (new)

Sy Love Shouldnt teachers read to the students @ the end of class as a reward for good behavior?

message 13: by C (new)

C I loved finding this review! It mirrors my own experiance. In the third grade, the first book was read to me by my father, before he left for a long voyage. At the time I was struggling with reading and had been placed in special education to get up to grade. I was so enraptured by the first book, obsessed really, that after my Dad left (my busy mother refused to read the next book to me helpfully pointing out that I could read) I startef to read the next book myself. The act of reading was torturous. I was so slow and I had to look every other word up in the dictionary. I took forever to read a page. So long that I'd have to reread sentences, paragraphs and whole pages to keep the story straight. The story though was so absolutely amazing! It unlocked my imagination. It pulled me along and I would read all day. By the end of the series I was reading ahead of grade and after a few more books, at the head of my class. These books totally changed my life.

message 14: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Wow this is exactly how it was for me too! I believe third grade. I loved the book so much i talked about it every day after school. And then my mom surprised me and bought the whole set! It's still one of my most favorite books, if not my favorite. Thanks for sharing your experience!

message 15: by Veronica (new)

Veronica Galvan I can't believe Lucy collected two gallons of Aslan's semen

CalumJoleneskywalker Me to Manuel my english teacher read this book when I was 8

CalumJoleneskywalker me too

CalumJoleneskywalker But how much does it cost?

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