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message 1: by Susann (new)

Susann Oh I'm so glad you loved it! It really is a treasure. I may have to write Marcus a fan letter. (I thought I would be able to see him at a May event in NYC, but it didn't work out - grrrr.)

message 2: by Trin (new)

Trin It’s surely more serious, but this makes me think you would like Max Perkins: Editor of Genius by A. Scott Berg. It’s a wonderful bio of Perkins, who was Fitzgerald’s, Hemingway’s, and Thomas Wolfe’s editor (among others) at Scribner’s. And meanwhile, I’ll be looking for this book!

message 3: by Shelley (new)

Shelley Oh, that sounds good! I've added it to my list to track it down, thanks.

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