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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

This looked good to me too. I'll be interested to know what you think of it. :)

Shannon (Giraffe Days) I decided to get it now because the second book is out and sounds really interesting. From the sounds of the premise, it's quite original urban fantasy.

Friends on my blog have said that the author was a popular writer of Harry Potter fanfic but was accused of plagiarism (of other fanfic writers maybe?) - I detest fanfiction, to be honest, and I'm going to try to forget I heard about the fuss (fanfic people tend to take things very personally eh?) so it doesn't spoil this book for me. I hate it when books come with baggage, don't you?

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Heh, heh, a few years back I read some really horrible fanfic involving Buffy/Angel characters.
Your comment just gave me flash-backs. :)

Shannon (Giraffe Days) Sorry!! Nothing worse than bad fanfic flashbacks!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Was she one of those people who write not just fanfiction... but the weird fanfiction?

Like furry transgender hardcore porn Harry Potter fanfiction?

Because it's out there. And I had the unfortunate experience of seeing an illustration from one of them.


Shannon (Giraffe Days) I believe she wrote a spin-off series about Draco Malfoy, but I haven't heard that she wrote porn HP or anything. I think the controversy was around accusations of plagiarism from other fanfic writers or something.

I avoid fan fic. My one concession is a user pic I use sometimes on LiveJournal, where Harry says to Lupin: "You're a werewolf?"
Lupin: "Yes."
Harry: "Are you fucking serious?"
Lupin: "Yes, that too."
Harry: "What?"
Lupin: "Oops. Too much information."

It cracks me up every time, silly as it is :)

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

haha gross! That's not funny!



Shannon (Giraffe Days) You laughed!! Gotcha! We can't help ourselves, infantile as it may be ;)

message 9: by Becky (new)

Becky This made me crack up at my desk at work! LOL

I can just imagine Harry's look... confused, then slowly dawning horror!

message 10: by SheWunders (new)

SheWunders I completely agree with your review. I read City of Bones & City of Ashes - both are entertaining reads. I really liked them. I'm even looking forward to the new book City of Glass in March.

Shannon (Giraffe Days) Glad I could give you a laugh Becky! (And that pretty much sums up his expression, yes!)

I think I'm going to wait for City of Ashes to come out in paperback, E - I'm not a big fan of hardcovers, and they're a bit pricey. Sometimes waiting is good if they do a lot of catch-up in the beginning, otherwise it can get annoying! Does Clare do that in the second book?

message 12: by SheWunders (new)

SheWunders I don't remember a lot of catch up in the beginning of City of Ashes. I read them back to back, so I would have been annoyed by it (and probably remembered, but it has been a while). :o)

Shannon (Giraffe Days) Good to know, thanks E. :)

message 14: by Amber (new)

Amber Rose i absolutely loooooved this series i <3 jace lol love his sarcasm probly my fave things in the book r the memorable quotes. :]

Shannon (Giraffe Days) I'll keep a closer eye on his sarcasm in the next book Amber :D It's been a while since I read this and I can't remember it!

message 16: by Linda (new)

Linda I liked your review, and I <3 city of bones!! But about the stele, it was Isabelle who gave Jace her stele not Clary on page 358.

message 17: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I'm going to be reading this for bookclub. I enjoyed your review of it (as always)

message 18: by Justin (new)

Justin I'm shocked you haven't read the second one yet. I was going to say that I really want to blow through all of these as fast as I can with this series.

So far I'm a little meh on the way something in particular has been handled.

message 19: by Mary S. (new)

Mary S. Sentoza I really liked your review. I read the book and quite enjoyed it.

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