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message 1: by Liv (new)

Liv Heller alright you've convinced me! >.<

message 2: by Sierra (new)

Sierra Bamiro Yeah I figured I would need to reread the book when I got to the end.

message 3: by Fairy (new)

Fairy Fairuz I was tempted to get this book just now!(plus it comes with 20% off haha).ok now you've convinced me, thanks!

message 4: by Ciara (new)

Ciara Zabolotney I enjoyed your description of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed it the first time and want to re-read it at some point for all those little extras that I may have missed the first time. I also thought the ending was a little weak, but I enjoyed the story. I'm one of those people who likes stories with multiple timelines that don't fit together immediately and leave you thinking.

message 5: by Deborah (new)

Deborah Valentine I did something I rarely do when I finish a book - I immediately re-read it, straight through. Enjoying even more the second time than the first!

message 6: by Sophia (new)

Sophia I am going to read this book your review made me want to;););)

message 7: by Joan (new)

Joan Wonderful review! I just finished today and oh, how I will miss Le Cirque des Reves!

message 8: by Farnaaz (new)

Farnaaz can u plz tell me why d charcters involved with d circus dnt age?n why Tara died?n why d Murray twins age?and what exactly happened to Celia and Marco?they were trapped but able to live with each other?and about Herr Thiesen...why and how did he die??

message 9: by Amy (new)

Amy I've never read a book twice...but I might on this one!

message 10: by Mary (new)

Mary Beth I've been wanting to read this book. Your review made me put it on my to read soon list.

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