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harlequin {Stephanie} Me too! Love your icon, such a cute little kitty.

message 2: by Torzilla (new)

Torzilla Hehe, thank you!

message 3: by Cindyg (new)

Cindyg Great review!

message 4: by Insidious (new)

Insidious Death is mine! Rawr! =^_^=

message 5: by Torzilla (new)

Torzilla Insidious wrote: "Death is mine! Rawr! =^_^="

I think we must battle. I won't give him up that easily ;P Hahaha

message 6: by Kim (new)

Kim Loved your review, just finished the book and agree completely. I too am so in love with death!!!!

message 7: by Torzilla (new)

Torzilla Thank you! Death is seriously one sexy mofo.

message 8: by Briana (new)

Briana YES!!! In total agreement. I'm definitely all for Death & this book had me so freaking giddy! I just wish he had more page time! The whole queen bit just makes Falin too complicated so I wish Alex would just forget about him lol

message 9: by Torzilla (new)

Torzilla I'm all for two hotties, but Death is clearly better than Falin in this series!

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