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message 1: by Emlyn (new)

Emlyn Chand Yay! So very, very glad you liked it. I can't wait to see your review. How happy am I that you contacted me for an ARC?

Rachel's Book Reviews I have a vague guess: very. haha, if you read as much as I do, you get a sixth sense about books. just a little blip tells me all I need to know. I saw the trailer and knew immediately that I should do ALL I could to read it.....I'm so glad I was right!!

message 3: by Emlyn (new)

Emlyn Chand Grinning from ear to ear. You definitely have moxie. Can't wait to see what you end up doing re: college, life, the whole shebang :-D

Rachel's Book Reviews That makes two of us :)

message 5: by Emlyn (new)

Emlyn Chand Yay updated review :-) You are SO thorough! I love that you explored the deeper meaning too. You are going to great in college!

Rachel's Book Reviews Thanks :) taking graduation test tomorrow, cross your fingers.

message 7: by Emlyn (new)

Emlyn Chand Crossed!

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