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message 1: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Lovely review, as always when you put your shoulder to the wheel. We differ on the import of "true" and we differ on the impact of "honest", but I see your point. This morning brought an interesting perspective to this discussion via NPR's piece on "dignity therapy." Check it out:

message 2: by Joanie (new)

Joanie Interesting. And it makes sense. People do reinterpret their lives as they come to a close. But I do that too, and I'm not dying (except in the sense that we are all dying every day). I want people to see me in a certain way too, just like the dying body builder. I want people to know that I'm not really this driven workaholic who can't hold a relationship together. I'm really a wife and mother. I find myself wanting people to know that I was married for 20 years, as if it mattered, when in fact I haven't been that person for a decade (and nobody cares anyway). But I'm disturbed by the disjoint of my reality and who I perceive myself to be.

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