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Yodamom LOL- As soon as I finish the book Im in the middle of-I'm going GunMetal

message 3: by Dija (new)

Dija @Kelly: YES! Finally someone's jealous of what I'm reading for a change! Muahahahaha!

@Yoda: This is a great read. I can't wait to see what you think of it. :D

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Angela I loved Roman in this book. He was the true surprise and treat for me here.

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Lady Jaye Ditto everything you said. The Romantic moment at the end was adorable :) but yeah, count me in the liking them less club.

harlequin {Stephanie} Angela wrote: "I loved Roman in this book. He was the true surprise and treat for me here."

Yes! I enjoyed him too. Hope he gets some more air time in the series.

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Dija @Angie and Stephanie: I didn't remember Roman at all from KD, so every time he appeared, I'd try so hard to recall who he was that I didn't really get to appreciate any of his scenes. XD

@Lady J: I think you're the only person on my list who rated it three stars. All the others are 4-5 star ratings. Not sure what I missed, LOL.

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Angela @Dija - He was in Magic Slays. He fought Kate when she went to visit Edvokia (sp?). Then he was hitting on Andrea when they had the big pow-wow with all the different factions. I didn't love him there, he was just a periphery character to me. But here, he was so well developed, and so intriguing that I couldn't help but want to know more.

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Dija Sorry, still not remembering him. :( Who's Edvokia? And by the big pow-wow, you mean when Curran was out of it?

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Angela LOL.

Edvokia - she's the one that told Kate about her mother, and how her mother had basically fried Voron's brain? The one that wanted to help "teach" Kate as long as she acknowledged that she was of their line through her mother. I think she's the "mother" in the witch's oracle. Remember she had the house that was on chicken legs - Baba Yaga I think was the other name Kate called her.

Big Pow-Wow: In Magic Slays when the People, the Shifters (including Curran), the Volhvs, a bunch of witch factions, some mercs from the Guild I think (but no one from the Order) - basically every group of people we'd ever heard of in the series - got together after they'd found the town where the device was set off and they all decided they had to work together to beat their enemy - just before they started looking for where the Lightkeepers (is that the right name? I know it had something to do with lighthouses) were planning to set the device that stole everyone's power.

Now I feel like I'm rambling and it's probably not going to help you remember Roman :P Sorry about that!! ;)

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Dija I sort of remember her. Like, I remember she existed but not any details. Sigh.

And I'm kinda remembering that too. See, the only characters I recall properly are that one guy who changes faces, Samhain or something, Kate, Curran, Jim, Dali, Andrea, Raphael, Derek, Jill or whatever Kate's charge is called, that one doctor Doolittle or something?, and Auntie B.

And the only part of the plot I remember is when Curran was out of it.

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Angela LOL. Dee, you need to re-read :P

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Dija Nah, forget it. Not enough romance for a reread. XD

harlequin {Stephanie} Dija wrote: "Nah, forget it. Not enough romance for a reread. XD"

The fifth book or all of them?

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Angela LOL Dee, I can give you a lot more info when I do a re-read. I'm going strictly from memory right now, and I haven't read Magic Slay since the beginning of the year.

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Dija @Stephanie: All of them, because I can't reread the fifth book alone, I'll feel so lost.

@Angie: I won't be needing any info right now, but once KD #6 is released, I'll be counting on you to refresh my memory. :D

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Jenny “You still like him for this?” Jim asked.
Liking someone for something means that you think they did it.

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Dija Oh, okay. I had no idea. I'll edit that part of the review now, thank you.

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Angela "...that totally could be taken the wrong way."
Not sure it's proper grammar but it's pretty common in speech to say it this way here; or both ways really. Depends on where you want to put the emphasis in the sentence.

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Angela And I'm still not a huge fan of Andrea. She pissed me off back in Bleeds and she never really completely redeemed herself. I did like her a bit better in this book though, and I'm willing to hope that she'll continue to grow as a character. I liked Raphael, but I can only remember that like in relationship to scenes with Kate now. Weird.
I haven't gotten to my re-read on it yet, but I'm so looking forward to the Roman parts again :D

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Dija Main point is that stuff like that made the speech and dialogue of the characters seem awkward and orchestrated to me. I was already not enjoying the story so little things like that just detracted from my overall opinion of the story.

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Angela Oh, I know. And when I'm really not enjoying a story things can irritate me more, too. I wasn't trying to say you were wrong for that bugging you, just offering up some more information about it. I can understand how/why it would. ;)

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