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message 1: by Jen (new)

Jen Best review ever written! Can't believe you have the time!

message 2: by Heidi (new)

Heidi That is exactly how I feel about the book!!
LOVE the review!!!

message 3: by Heather (new)

Heather Gray If you haven't already read it, you'd really enjoy the magicians nephew, and its allusions to Genesis. It's chockablock full of similarities, all, i believe were deliberately placed :)
I think Aslan is definately supposed to represent Jesus, especially with his 'sacrifice' for Edmund's sins and rebirth.
Great review, i noticed the exact same things :)
I think the characters are also really symbolic of human character, Peter represents strength and bravery, Lucy represents kindness and innocence, and Edmund simultaneously represents the follies of man and the potential for reformation.

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Hi, Aimee. Have you ever tried the "King of the Trees" series by William Burt? It's similar to C.S. Lewis. (The Goodreads page for Book I is: I've read all six books in his series. I hear the seventh one is coming out this summer. I think they are better than Narnia, but that's just my opinion. They make nice readalouds, because each book has a pronunciation guide and glossary at the back. The series web site is It's a fun site.

message 5: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy There is SO MUCH symbolism in this book! I thought I had all of it( and it was a long list), but you had some even I did not think of. It parallels the story of Christ so well.

message 6: by Cichi (new)

Cichi It's good to read but some times it's hard to sit and read because it's boring

message 7: by Melissa (new)

Melissa This is exactly how I felt! I just finished it for the 2nd or 3rd time and it meant so much more than it did before!

message 8: by Sy (new)

Sy Love I didn't find it boring @ all !

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