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message 1: by Kate. (new)

Kate. LOL.. Great review, mind you i have never read HP but you summed up why ive always felt the need to avoid it.

message 2: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Thanks Kate. I am definitely in the minority here! I think only 2 percent rated it like me or something like that. Nearly everyone gave it a 5 and said it was soooo good. After reading it I was like WTF were they on? LOL Oh I avoided HP for a long time too, I've said for years that they should take HP and Lord of the Rings and burn every movie copy. Ugh. I haven't seen an HP movie and don't plan on it. The only reason I've read the books was out of curiosity and because Matt said I should. The first couple books hold charm but it definitely wears off. So yeah, you're not really missing anything much in my opinion. Read book 1 if you get really curious but you can stop after that lol.

message 3: by Kate. (new)

Kate. Reading LOTR would be total hell for me. Every year the movies came out my family dragged me along to see them. The whole time i justed wanted the effin ring to go into the fire. When it finally happened i was not happy or relieved because im like " ive watched all these movies just for this " so i side with you 100% . I dont think i could read HP. I have the first book only becuase i won it. Many peeps love them, each to their own

message 4: by Nikki (new)

Nikki OMG you had to see every LOTR movie?!?! Oh gosh I totally feel for you!! I was dragged to one of them and it was the longest freakin three hours of my life!! I vowed NEVER AGAIN!!! Ugh, terrible. I hate those damn hobbits...go away! I still tried reading The Hobbit by Tolkien (apparently a preview of sorts for LOTR things to come) due to Matt's request and ugh....annoying. I don't get the fascination with either of them, HP or LOTR. Sure some people will love them but why are they global and so freakin popular beyond imagination?!?! I just don't get it. And then people compare other things to them all the time (which works out okay if they compare them positively I know to stay away lol). As you say, to each their own...but still....I question them LOL.

message 5: by Izzat (new)

Izzat Zainal I am halfway and I loved the previous three but this one just fall down flatly for me right now. Right, Harry Potter is always the center of attention.

Synesthesia (SPIDERS!) I don't know if he turns out fine at the end. Dude ends of Traumatized for Life. There's a good reason why they couldn't just use a portkey. It's a boarding school. There's barely any privacy. Even if you go to the bathroom there's 5 or 10 other kids in there. If say, they turned his pillow into a portkey, that would have been noticed. Moody just grabbing Harry, sending him to his office and making him touch a portkey would have been noticed too and Harry would have gone, what? No way. I will not touch that manky boot. ESPELLIARMUS or however that is spelled and he would have called professors for help.

Yes, the tournament was more elaborate, but it made sense in the context.

Tolkien books are kind of... like cheese cake. Very thick and a bit hard to swallow without milk.

message 7: by Keisha (new)

Keisha I just love when people write long reviews to talk down about a book. seriously just go read another book.

message 8: by Nikki (new)

Nikki I just love when people come to bitch about someone's opinion. Seriously, just go read another review.

message 9: by Kate. (new)

Kate. Freedom of speech and opinion and all that
You are up early Nik's

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