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message 1: by Jim (new)

Jim One of my favorites! The movie is great too. :)

message 2: by Erika (new)

Erika It was really good! I watched the movie the same day i finished the book, what a great adaptation! Atticus was perfect, just like i imagined him :)

message 3: by Jim (new)

Jim That's great! Gregory Peck was one of the great actors of that era, and a lot of movie lovers think Atticus was his finest performance. So glad you loved both! :)

message 4: by Rich (new)

Rich I prefer the book than the movie, thought!!
What next for you to read on that list? :-)

message 5: by Rich (new)

Rich Animal Farm is brilliant! One of the rare books that left me in awe and made me think when I finished reading the book right at the end!

message 6: by Erika (new)

Erika I think I'm going to read Pride And Prejudice or The Picture of Dorian Grey next on the list. Animal Farm is also on my list, I'm gonna read it at some point, it's good to know you liked it that much!

message 7: by Wendy Darling (new)

Wendy Darling This is one of my faves. :) Glad you liked it!

message 8: by Erika (new)

Erika Thank you, Wendy :)

message 9: by Raida (new)

Raida Omar what the hell is your problem!you and your dying situation like god eventually everyone will die dont be thinking that you'll live forever hoe!!!

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