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message 1: by Anne (new)

Anne Dei ex machina.

message 2: by Armchair (new)

Armchair Deus ex machinis, for multiple machines rather than multiple gods.

message 3: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Meades thank you for the review. I'm still excited to read this (I love clever pop culture references) but I'm going to be wary of the actual story...

Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) Hope you don't mind I quoted your review in mine, you are SPOT ON! (

message 5: by Dwight (new)

Dwight Davis The tokenism you describe was one of the worst things I've read in a novel that wasn't just blatantly racist in awhile. That alone made me rethink the rest of the novel.

message 6: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten T "Rote plotting, un-earned dickensian coincidences, clumsy deus ex machina (I still don't know how to pluralize that term), the worst kind of tokenism disguised as actually valuing diversity, a profound neglect of the complexities of the real/virtual world dichotomy..." This is the best and most concise description of everything that is wrong with Ready Player One. So, so accurate.

message 7: by Mark (new)

Mark Hebwood Ah - what a shame you didnt get into it. My experience was your first paragraph, minus the second. I think it is "dei ex machina".

message 8: by Elliot (new)

Elliot Cosubei Ah. I got time to read some more reviews. Yours says what mine does, only conciser (sic). I gave it two stars, 'cause I had fun until he blew it, ultimately. What you said.

message 9: by Lovely (new)

Lovely Rita Totally agree on the tokenism and well phrased. And yeah, there was some literal deus ex machinis going on!

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