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message 1: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Won this on a blog. So happy been waiting for it forever! :D

message 2: by Sashana (new)

Sashana Seems like you have the best luck.

message 3: by Ariana (new)

Ariana wow, congrats and happy reading.. I can't wait to read this too ;)

message 4: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Thanks And yes Sashana I've been lucky with this one and Shatter Me/Legend (which was 1 giveaway). I've been tweeting for the Mara Dyer one every day to get extra entries though. I was really hoping to snag it.

message 5: by Ariana (new)

Ariana Those are 3 books that I'm dreaming to read as soon as possible. I'm really happy for you :)

message 6: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Well... here goes.

message 7: by Wendy Darling (new)

Wendy Darling Hah. Good luck, Giselle!

message 8: by Surin (new)

Surin Very curious to see what you think of this! So far it's been a mixed bag of reviews :-/

message 9: by Ariana (new)

Ariana Yep, good luck... another disappointing book *sigh*

I stopped reading last night because it reminded me too much of some bad books I've read in the past, but as stubborn as I am I think I'll finish it, even only to say how much I hate it :(

message 10: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Yeah I thought it was a book everyone loved by the reviews I saw before Wendy read it. Now everyone hates it! Shame on you Wendy!!

message 11: by Amanda (new)

Amanda the book was good!

message 12: by Ariana (new)

Ariana Well, Giselle, don't pay attention to us, maybe you'll like it.. I wish I would as well :(

message 13: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Well at least now my expectations are not as high so maybe that'll help.

Bethany (youngbooklove) I'm reading Mara right now - I really didn't care for it until about halfway in, now I'm totally addicted! Almost done..

message 15: by Giselle (new)

Giselle I'm at page 130 or so now. I find it pretty intriguing and a bit disturbing (in a good way). I'm very curious that's for sure!

message 16: by Wendy Darling (new)

Wendy Darling Hey, I just call 'em like I see 'em. I'm not stopping anyone from reading it if they want to. If you enjoy it, all the more power to you!


message 17: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Haha I hadn't realized you didn't see ;) It seems to be one of those love it or hate it books going by reviews I've seen.

message 18: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Wendy, I just re-read your review (i seem to take more in when I know the characters/story). I'm just starting the part where she's getting together with Noah. I didn't expect this to become another "twilight" did you notice the scene where they arrive at school in his car and everyone is watching is pretty much the same as in Twilight? Anyways, I may not like it as much if the paranormal/creepiness of the story kind of gets in the background. That's what makes this so great - not Noah. Also, it was very hard not to read your spoilers! Haha

Bethany (youngbooklove) Giselle, I saw that you compared this book to Twilight, I could not agree more! This is a seventeen year old boy (who, as far as I know isn't a 100 year old man in a 17 year olds body) and he can compose music, speak several languages, not take notes or study but still get a 4.0, has gobs and GOBS of money, is perfect looking... I am wondering if Edward is just going by another name these days.. still love the book though. :)

message 20: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Haha yeah and a few parts in the book were remarkably similar to how it happened it Twilight. I described the arriving at school scene but there was another scene that I found similar I just can't recall which one now.

But yes, Edward has definitely changed names and went around the YA scene.

message 21: by Sashana (new)

Sashana You guys are scaring me here. I'm not sure if I want to read this anymore.

message 22: by Giselle (new)

Giselle I'm still enjoying it regardless of the unoriginality of the romance, because the creepiness of it is still intriguing. It all depends if the reveal is an eye roller or not.

message 23: by Ariana (last edited Oct 06, 2011 02:16PM) (new)

Ariana :)) i don't know if to come back to it now...
But the cover is so great, at least it would look nice on the blog LOL

message 24: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Ari wrote: ":)) i don't know if to come back to it now...
But the cover is so great, at least it would look nice on the blog LOL"

True! At least there's that! If it starts to suck I'll remember that to motivate me to finish it.

message 25: by Wendy Darling (new)

Wendy Darling Heh, I'll see how you feel when it's all over. Don't go pointing fingers, they might get nipped when you're not looking.

message 26: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Wendy Darling wrote: "Heh, I'll see how you feel when it's all over. Don't go pointing fingers, they might get nipped when you're not looking."

Yeah probably :P we usually do have similar rating so we'll see. Shame though, story had great potential. And that cover.. :(

message 27: by Wendy Darling (new)

Wendy Darling I know, I know. Those covers will be our downfall. But really, if you end up enjoying this more than I did, I'll be very glad for you. I'd never wish a bad reading experience on anybody.

message 28: by Megan (last edited Oct 07, 2011 11:27PM) (new)

Megan Giselle, what are some of your favorite creepy, eerie, horror novels? I'm also a big horror fan but it seems as if so much horror is heavy on the gore/shock factor ~ which I'm totally not into. That is, it works better in scary movies than scary books, IMO

message 29: by Wendy Darling (new)

Wendy Darling Aw, sorry Giselle. It became a really frustrating reading experience for me, too. :(

Btw, I totally forgot that he also composed music! Ugh. Angela were just talking about how there was so much stuff crammed into this book, we just couldn't cover it all in any one review.

message 30: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Megan: Honestly I've never come upon a great horror novel. I really enjoyed the Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy. Alex Kava writes some great thrillers (adult).

Wendy: I also forgot to add in my review how the romance took over and the creepy took a back door. I couldn't cover it all either =S

message 31: by Megan (last edited Oct 08, 2011 07:39AM) (new)

Megan Well, damn Giselle that is a shame! If you are interested two collections come to mind ~
20th Century Ghosts is an awesome collection. And Poe's Children: The New Horror: An Anthology has a lot of good ones too. Although Poe's is more dark fantasy than horror.

But yeah, creepy novels are hard to come by :( I loved loved loved Forest, hated Dead Tossed Waves and actually just started the final installment last night.

message 32: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Oh thanks I'll check those out! I hope you like the finale of Forest. It was my favorite of all three. Mostly because it was really exciting and full of action. Lots of zombies in it for sure! ;)

message 33: by Megan (new)

Megan Lots of zombies is music to me ears, lol!

message 34: by Arlene (new)

Arlene Sorry you didn't care for this one Giselle. Very honest and thorough review. :)

message 35: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Thanks Arlene. Plenty of people enjoyed it. I was expected more creepy and less romance.

Sarah: I loved Twilight too, actually! ;) I'm just annoyed that everyone is trying to duplicate it. But give it a try I'm definitely in the minority here.

message 36: by ♥Rachel♥ (new)

♥Rachel♥ Giselle, I think I fell victim to the extra hype behind this book as well. I liked this book, but not nearly as much as I thought I would. And I didn't like how we are left in the end. Great review!

message 37: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Thanks Rachel. I wish it was more interesting in the end. The big mystery reveal. Maybe she'll fix it in the next books. I'm not holding my breath, though.

message 38: by Megan (new)

Megan NAILED IT! I just finished this book and I was sitting here trying to think of what to write in my review when a thought hit me like a Mac Truck, just go look at other reviews, pick and choose several sentences from others and throw them together, voila Megan's Review! I think I may now just write, "Please refer to Giselle's review!"... I'm 100% serious btw!

message 39: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Megan wrote: "NAILED IT! I just finished this book and I was sitting here trying to think of what to write in my review when a thought hit me like a Mac Truck, just go look at other reviews, pick and choose seve..."

LOL. Copy paste this review to quote, and write "Ditto"

message 40: by Petra (new)

Petra I object, sir. I wouldn't mind reading more crocodile stories. Provided they are well-crafted, of course.

message 41: by Shahd (new)

Shahd I agree that this book promissed more creepiness and horror(my fav genres) but turned out to be more of a romance. I liked that but still, i was greedy for more visins and hallucinations. I too had high expectations for this book.

message 42: by Karen (new)

Karen Swartz At first I adored this novel - I loved the same creepy events you mention. And then it wrecked. I kept thinking "What the hell happened?" I was willing to put up with romance and the completely unbelievable Noah until the book tumbled into being all about the romance. It came to a screeching halt so they could inch up to but ultimately not have sex. And then Mara started in on how she was too dangerous blah blah blah. I was so disappointed.

message 43: by Jenny (new)

Jenny I just finish this. And boy, what a total disappointment for me. :(

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