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message 1: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze Hiya. Your first spoiler tag is misspelled, so it's not working!

message 2: by Bry (new)

Bry Eeep!!! I'll fix!! Thanks!

message 3: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Hi Bry, I like your cute rabbit profile picture. Looks like a sweetie! I belong to a rabbit too! Haha!

message 4: by Bry (new)

Bry Lemaniesnicket wrote: "Ummm.... Are u stupid? They do tell u how victor died! He was killed by the monsters!"

Excuse me?? Who the hell are you to call me stupid? I am all about differing opinions on reviews and books and debating the whole "monsters" thing but not when you resort to name calling.

message 5: by Kashmir (new)

Kashmir White Ha ha, love your review. :) keep up the good critiques.

message 6: by Drew (new)

Drew Graham Yeah, I thought most of those questions were actually answered, or at least implied. But some of them could have been addressed a little more clearly.

message 7: by Bry (new)

Bry I read this a while ago so I don't remember all the questions I had while reading but I was super confused by Victors lack of decaying and the food situation. Being dead Victor shouldn't have been included in the magic anymore and should have been decaying. And all the villagers would have been killing animals for food - so were they comig back put of people stomachs as bein reassembled and brought back to life? Shouldn't the life stock have run out??

They talked about the magic but not enough to really explain for me so that I wasn't pulled out of the story a lot as I thought of these questions.

message 8: by Simran (new)

Simran Just to let you know, there is going to be a squeal. Will you plan on reading it?

message 9: by Bry (new)

Bry Simran wrote: "Just to let you know, there is going to be a squeal. Will you plan on reading it?"

Nah, I have no interest in reading anything else from this series. If I saw it in the bookstore or library though I would definitely take the time to flip through and look at any of the pictures!

message 10: by Drew (new)

Drew Graham I love reading squeals of mediocre books!

message 11: by Abby (new)

Abby Wagner Jacob is 16.

message 12: by Ida (new)

Ida Thomasdotter I don't agree with you about the plot holes, those things made sense to me, but I agree with you about the rest, it's definitely not a well-written book.

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