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message 1: by Emily May (new)

Emily May ooh, I'd like to know what you think of this because I loved Anna Karenina.

message 2: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana So far I think the main character's view of life is pretty disgusting.

message 3: by Emily May (new)

Emily May Yeah? In an interesting way or not?

message 4: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana Both interesting and infinitely annoying.

message 5: by Emily May (new)

Emily May Weird. These are actually Tolstoy's views or just the character's? I didn't get the impression he had abnormal views of relationships in Anna Karenina but it was a long time ago.

message 6: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana There is an afterword and yes, they are his views. It's a later work of his, so it is possible he acquired these views later in life.

message 7: by Ivy (new)

Ivy Probably when he couldn't get any anymore! lol! In all seriousness, I like his Christian books, but I have to disagree with his views on sex. It is NOT naturally shameful and disgusting. That comes from his repressed religious upbringing.

message 8: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana You bare probably correct, Ivy. The whole thing was just sooo bizarre. I didn't expect a man, a family man at that, to hold such radical views. Definitely a lot of repressed stuff here...

message 9: by Gloria (new)

Gloria Mundi There has been quite a lot written on the subject of Tolstoy and his marriage. Most of it doesn't make for a very favourable reflection on Tolstoy as a person. I think the Kreutzer Sonata is the only book that has made me really angry because, as absurd as the views expressed in it are, people take them seriously, at least in part because it is Tolstoy expressing them.

message 10: by Ceren (new)

Ceren I think you miscomprehended the whole thing; I'm an atheist and I love this book, it doesn't have to do with the Christian beliefs of Tolstoy, he actually believes that equality between women and men should be a real thing, it's not in my opinion sex he portrays as a vile thing but the domination of men over women. Taking the given truth without considering what it can actually mean as you did there may not be the best idea.

But really who am I talking with, go read your YA books.

message 11: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana Ouch! Good day to you too!

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