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message 1: by Dodoworld (new)

Dodoworld Ummmm introduction is a little bit boring. In the section of " The internal Computer", I liked how the author presents the "brain" especially " the adaptive unconscious". I am just waiting for how the author could convince us the simple fact he claims! .

The second section , the first chapter, shows the idea of "Thin-Slicing" theory in our quick reaction within the period of " the blink". Bill and Sue is a good source to support the author view even though I'm against the Sue's reaction hehe. Here a phrase freezes me for a while "It's a Yes-But" . I liked how Bill used this rule which assists me to be so closer to take a short view towards his personality. Increasingly, I do agree with the author's vision how some words leads to "the hierarchical treatment" such as "You are scum".

A big truth there is "We find that women start talking about a problem, the men get irritated and turn away, and the women get more critical, and itbecomes a circle". Yes thats right which most two sexes arent well know about it.

"The secrets of The Bedroom" is the most likely part I liked it. Its introduction reminds me with a real story to a relative when he hired to a great job due to spending a year with the owner of the organisation. Yes the boss experienced that guy in the same idea that the author mentioned. Now the organisation in a big financial problem but this guy never think to quit the job due to his honest with the boss.

"Listening to Doctors", through this section my understanding increases alot because of lovely example of " the doctors medical malpractice protection " . Here is a common traditional view bumbles up in the mind that is used via grandmoms while looking for a wife to their sons. It is " Focus on the girl's reaction with kids around " . They believe in how this girl loves kids to be a good mom. Yes it might a funny but in fact they used what is the author call it "Thin-Slices".
What do you think Ahmed? I appreciate your view,
Regards ^_^

message 2: by A7med (new)

A7med Dodo I like what you wrote and your view, you know how take the good ideas from the books really, you will see my view tonight in sha allh ^_^

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