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message 1: by Justin (new)

Justin Looking forward to this one. Haven't seen many reviews yet, so I'm waiting patiently.

message 2: by Nick (new)

Nick Very helpful review. It sounds like the author is still developing, which makes sense if you look at her bio. This seems to be her first novel, years in the making, and from her description of the process, I am not surprised that there are rough edges. I will be most interested to see if her second book improves in the areas you found weak.

message 3: by Tinuwel (new)

Tinuwel Totally agree with your review!! :)

message 4: by An Odd1 (new)

An Odd1 Author name drops guide my to read shelf, espec. when you drop faves.

message 5: by Jesslyn (new)

Jesslyn I started it and just couldn't get excited or immersed in the story so it became a DNF and Kindle return for me. At $11.99 for the ebook, I needed more.

message 6: by Alek (new)

Alek Cristea Author name drops seem more like a cheap way to make oneself sound good rather actually building towards a constructive review of a book. New authors can sometimes be as good as old one. Read this book and loved it, there is magic in the writing for those willing to see it.

message 7: by Mathia (new)

Mathia Arkoniel Thank you very much for the great review. Very well written and worded.
The last phrase convinced me not to read this book. I am definitely in the "George R.R. Martin, Joe Abercombie, Steven Erikson" category of readers. Thank you.

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