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message 1: by Hiba (new)

Hiba Essa I found it to be quite a slow read that left me with a lot of questions. I wonder why all the authors books and short stories are allll on the same topic! It is a repetition! :p

message 2: by DubaiReader (new)

DubaiReader Yes, I've got Unaccustomed Earth playing on audio in my car (by coincidence) and, yes, this is very similar.
But I find I'm using the same accent from the audio book to read The Namesake, which is kind of fun :)

message 3: by Hiba (new)

Hiba Essa LOOOOOOL thats sooo coool! You really are in their heads now :p

message 4: by Hiba (new)

Hiba Essa I had a feeling this book was gonna be a great discussion! Im glad you enjoyed the discussion - wish I could have made it.
The concept of the book raises alot of questions that made would relate to especially those who are away from home or brought up among different nationalities

message 5: by DubaiReader (new)

DubaiReader Yes, you should have been there! It was frantic, everyone had so much to say and I had a hard job keeping control!! :)
Weird how some books do that, even though I may not have enjoyed the book - makes a hard book worth while!

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