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message 1: by Taylor (new)

Taylor You really dislike this book don't you?

Personally I loved the book entirely. I don't think Amir was intentionally cruel, cowardly, dull, or weak. First of all he was young. He was hardly capable of being so responsible for himself. More importantly I think the author is almost using Amir’s personality to point out the faults in many humans today. People don't like to be responsible; our society is teaching us to use others to get above everyone, to appear invincible while remaining internally weak, and to think solely of ourselves. The author was practically writing a satire at some points.

I'll totally back you up with the use of Farsi language. It added to the story at times because you got a taste of the culture but it was a bit excessive.

I loved the ending. Now I'm actually worried about the movie though. Movies made from books have a tendency to butcher the story.

message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley i like your recommendation :) haha

message 3: by Henry (new)

Henry strangely enough, some best-sellers are actually good! but not if oprah has touted them

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