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message 1: by Taylor (new)

Taylor I have a Vonnegut recommendation!

message 2: by Kelly (new)

Kelly You know, it's funny. Of all the books I was expecting to see when I clicked on that... I haven't even heard of this one! I'll have to look into it, though. It sounds different enough from Slaughterhouse Five.

message 3: by Jack (new)

Jack Kelly,

I was about to recommend "Sirens," but Taylor already has, so I offer a "Ditto." I have read all of his novels, and most of his short stories, and at least "liked" all of them, many I loved. I list Vonnegut among the handful of my favorite authors. "Sirens of Titan" is my personal favorite. But, they all are warm, absurd, and profoundly human.


message 4: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Jack,

Thank you. It's good to have a second opinion about which book is best to read next. Vonnegut does tend to produce some... slight disagreement. As I'm sure you're aware, since he's of your faovrites. :) I will definitely make sure that this one is on my list. Which is getting sinfully long thanks to this site, I have to say!



message 5: by Jack (new)

Jack Yeah, a friend pushed me into this site less than a month ago, after we both finished finals. I feel kind of like a meth addict must feel. The site beckons, has me itching to get on and feed my habit.


message 6: by Jaguthin (new)

Jaguthin Without a doubt, read Deadeye Dick. That one is worth is just for the first page. Avoid Life!


message 7: by Daniel (new)

Daniel I'm late to the game, but I'd recommend "Breakfast of Champions." It might be my favorite Vonnegut; it was also my first, and perhaps the first Vonnegut book you read will always be your favorite.

message 8: by Manny (new)

Manny Funny how everyone has a different recommendation! I would have said Cat's Cradle was obviously his masterpiece, with Mother Night second.

message 9: by s.penkevich (new)

s.penkevich I'm years late to adding to this, but if you haven't by now read any of his short stories, I would highly recommend them. They are usually very entertaining, funny and satirical like his novels, only truncated to a few pages.

message 10: by Cecily (new)

Cecily I've only read a few Vonnegut (including this), but my favourite is Galapagos: funny, but with lots to think about (my review here:

message 11: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Thanks for the recommendation. Years later, I still haven't gone back to Vonnegut, but I hope to someday soon!

message 12: by Arnie (new)

Arnie I would recommend Breakfast of Champions and God Bless You Mr. Rosewater. When Vonnegut first became a cult hero among college students, many of them cited Cat's Cradle as a favorite.

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