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message 1: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin I think it's funny how I hated TKAMB, and you loved it, and then you hated this one, and I loved it. Haha. :D I hope you don't mind if I say something about it ...

"I don't understand why it's considered a classic." ... How could you not? The message was so powerful, so heartbreaking! The prejudice against people with disabilities really got to me.

message 2: by Klo (new)

Klo                  i HATE IT TOO

message 3: by Lavender (new)

Lavender i LOVE this book!!

message 4: by Klo (new)

Klo                  lol jj

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* Wow, this review is terrible.
I'll have to edit it sometime... Meh.

message 6: by John (new)

John Egbert Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* wrote: "Wow, this review is terrible.
I'll have to edit it sometime... Meh."

Story of my life.

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* I know right... All these reviews when I wrote when I was 15 or so are just utter garbage. I want to punch my 15-year-old self in the face. x_x

message 8: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Maybe you didn't understand the book correctly. It's absolutely filled with symbolism and deeper concepts. I would suggest reading it later in life, then, when you might understand it a bit better and why it truely is a classic.

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* Hi, Hannah. I wrote this review about four years ago and I was fifteen at the time ... and back then I didn't have the best taste in books. So I imagine if I read it again today, I would see it differently. I plan to eventually give it another try.

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