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So would you have liked the book if he sugar-coated everything?

message 2: by Annalisa (last edited Feb 18, 2010 10:20AM) (new)

Annalisa He was sued for slander for making this stuff up. That's the opposite of sugar coating. I just don't see how people can stay this is book is funny. I think it's disgusting and the fact that he made it up about real people appalls me.

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"During an interview with Vanity Fair last March, Burroughs stood by the veracity of the book, just as he stood by the right of every individual in a free society to tell his story. "This is my story," he said. "It's not my mother's story and it's not the family's story, and they may remember things differently and they may choose to not remember certain things, but I will never forget what happened to me, ever, and I have the scars from it and I wanted to rip those scars off of me."

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Annalisa Amanda,
I'm not sure how much of his story to believe. I still think at least some of it is fabricated, or at least exaggerated, but I guess I'll never know. I think the book should be marked as a dark and painful memoir, not as funny. Everything I'd read or heard about the book before I read it was that it was funny. If I had known what it was going into it, it may not have disturbed me as much--probably, but still I'd know it's intention was not to be funny but to heal.

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Sarah I agree with you Annalisa. It's all rather distastful, and hard to swallow. No redeeming features or even a character you can relate to. I couldn't finnish the book for several reasons.

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