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message 1: by Racquel (new)

Racquel I thought the cover was UGLY at first & i had no idea why everyone is in love with it but when I looked up close & saw the guy is like pulling her out the water I fell in love too!

message 2: by Nimra (new)

Nimra khalid i love the cover toO..!..its beautiful..<3

message 3: by Sascha (new)

Sascha LOL
I love your review, thanks for the info

message 4: by tia (new)

tia omg i loved your review. when she met noah, everything just revolved around them and im like okay now when are we gonna find out about your past and stuff. and then like there were so many scenes that become irrelevant and unexplained, like, unfinished because the book was filled with too many mara/noah moments. like at one point jamie told mara about noah sleeping with his sister, mara got mad, asked him and noah said oh do you believe him and then bammmm forgotten because mara is too busy staring at the beautifulness of noah. -.-;

message 5: by Saniya (new)

Saniya Haha, thanks :)

Infintelyinvisble I should have read you're review first,I spent the whole day reading it!Crap! I hate it! And usually I don't say that about any book,but I hated it I mean come on,half the time I didn't even understand what was going on.Some how Noah does this healing shit thing...ugh... I expected something more! Sorry if this offended anyone

Tormented Fangurl Just 'cause someone cannot understand it doesn't mean it's wrong.No offense.

message 8: by Saniya (new)

Saniya Anastisia wrote: "Just 'cause someone cannot understand it doesn't mean it's wrong.No offense."

Not understand it? I literally summarized the whole book in my review love. And my wrong stands for a completely different reason.
And non taken. :)

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