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message 1: by Nathaniel (new)

Nathaniel B Zach, Your first paragraph sucked me in I wanted to read not only the rest of the book review, but also Hero. You used all of your quotes very well and they weren't dropped. Uncle John sounds like a aggravating man and I probably wouldn't listen to him as well. All in all you wrote an awesome book review.

message 2: by Hannah C. (new)

Hannah C. Wow. This book sounds amazing! Your choice of quotes was excellent. They strongly supported your body paragraphs and thesis. I thought that your explanation of Hero's theme was very sophisticated. I am definitely going to read this book soon. Also, it's funny that you and the main character are both named Zach, but you obviously noticed that already. p.s. Nice mohawk!

message 3: by Emmett (new)

Emmett Sounds like an awesome book Zach I would love to read it some time. Your hook sucked me in at first but then the thesis blew me away. Great work

message 4: by John (new)

John Gregory Wow amazing first paragraph i was hooked from the get go :) " they killed his father now their coming for him." haha awesome it reminds me of the novel im writing its similar with an Xmen vibe to it

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