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message 1: by karen (new)

karen you still want this?

message 2: by j (new)

j yes! can you get it with bookstore magic?

message 3: by karen (new)

karen with fox and friends magic.

i will send it your way.

message 4: by j (new)

j karen wrote: "with fox and friends magic.

i will send it your way."

thank you! even though fox and friends magicks sound like the blackest sort!

message 5: by karen (new)

karen i meddle with dark forces...

message 6: by j (new)

j crap, sorry for writing an 8000-word review.

message 7: by Pinky (new)

Pinky Why are you apologizing? It was a darn good review.

You get 37 points for the Matthew Broderick joke.

Now if you can drop some Pink Lady & Jeff jokes into a review, then I'll know that you *really* are old.

message 8: by j (new)

j no doubt wade watched the entire run at some point as part of his research. in the future, everything from forever is available instant streaming. he claims to have watched more tv, read more books and played more video games to expert levels in five years of research than i believe humanly possible.

message 9: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine There's this conceit that keeps popping up in sci-fi dystopia novels that it is only a matter of time before we will all be glued to our virtual reality goggles 24 hours a day as elaborate MMPORPGs slowly take over the world.

I think this is stupid.

I keep seeing this about phones and I feel the exact same way about it.

message 10: by j (new)

j thanks! i recently spent about half an hour on youtube watching clips from atari XE games. hearing the music from moon patrol again really took me back.

message 11: by karen (new)

karen heh.


message 12: by karen (new)

karen oh god, i hope these two sentences are unrelated,...

message 13: by Micha (new)

Micha LOL - I actually LOVED that this book made me feel old, because it has never happened before (and I am certain I will regret this novel feeling one day soon) and I knew there would be so many people in my age bracket that would feel the same way. Our generation is the closest thing available to the "cool hippy" generation that is occurring now in grandparents and that's kind of troubling and exciting. I loved you review, by the way. I really hit all the key points for me in terms of my own 'complaints' (If I could actually call them that) and happinesses with the book.

message 14: by Ben (new)

Ben Hobbs A great review, as always Joel.

I must add that I remember sitting in my basement with nerd friends playing the parts of MP and The Holy Grail. In fact about 5 years ago I had the chance to see it on a huge movie screen at Cleveland's Palace Theater, complete with audience participation with coconuts.

I was equally surprised by the lack of NES references. A Metal Gear or Rad Racer reference would have made my day.

Thanks again for an insightful review.

message 15: by j (new)

j Monty python would be great with an audience! Have you seen the musical? They incorporate the audience quite a but actually.

Thanks for the kind words!

message 16: by Ben (new)

Ben Hobbs The deal was if you went to the film you got to buy advance tickets for the musical. The musical was great. The Lady of the Lake scenes stole the show and I concur about the audience participation.

I've been trolling your shelves looking for what to read next (I trust your ratings and reviews) as I just finished Divergent after having read Ready Player One. Any suggestions of something not to be missed?

message 17: by j (new)

j are you specifically looking in the y.a./dystopia vein? i am going to assume you have read hunger games... i haven't read but have heard a lot of good things about Blood Red Road.

more generally, if you like sci-fi, the second-most fun book i read last year (after ready player one) was Leviathan Wakes.

message 18: by Robert (new)

Robert Trust me, for some people I've had the misfortune to know, Second Life has already replaced reality for them.

Readforthandconquer haha someone told me that their kid read this book and read your review, and they read the last three paragraphs and were just shaking their head because they had no idea what the hell you were talking about. is a floppy disk dirty? love that line

message 20: by karen (new)

karen hahah! well, half the time i don't even know what the hell i'm ranting about, so that sounds about right to me!

message 21: by j (new)

j For instance, Karen didn't even realize this was MY review.

message 22: by karen (new)

karen motherfuck! wow. that'll teach me not to half-read comments while doing other things on the computer. but that floppy disk joke is exactly the kind of sophisticated comedy gold for which i am known, so you can understand my confusion.

still. what shame i am feeling.

message 23: by Peter (new)

Peter Lyte I thought the virtual schools were overdone. Then met a teacher who works for a charter school. No virtual goggles for his class that's spread out all over the state. Each in front of their computer at home, all appearing on one of the monitors in his home. Student keeps acting up after several warnings, their connection is cut off and email sent to parents explaining what went on. Science fiction that's not really describing a hypothetical future.

message 24: by j (new)

j Fascinating, peter. I had no idea.

message 25: by Peter (new)

Peter Lyte Neither did I. In my state, Oregon, this particular charter school company has 250+ students, all in home, funded by Dept of Education, not parents. Parents choose wether their children will be home schooled. Not sure if the state provides computer &/or connection. Across country this one company services thousands of students, including special ed, this way. And there are many such companies.

Oh, 1 other "benefit, described while not as impressive as a virtual building on a virtual campus; when a change in curriculum is decided on, the companies tech dept is notified and voila, all appropriate students have access to the new materials.

Matt (replicant2019) Great review and yes, like James Halliday, Rush are one of my favourite bands of all time so I totally relate to that as well as a lot of the geek/gaming references -- thanks for the review :)

message 27: by Iris (new)

Iris Joel, I found this little Gem by scouring through your read list! Glad I was being a good little cyber stalker otherwise I would have missed this possibly until the movie came out. I can't believe none of my friends have recommended this!

message 28: by Nataliya (new)

Nataliya "B) What is a "floppy disk"? (Ooh, is it dirty?)

This is awesome.

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