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message 1: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony I was just considering checking this out...thanks for the review, Ian. Nice work.

message 2: by [Name Redacted] (last edited Jul 17, 2011 04:45PM) (new)

[Name Redacted] RandomAnthony wrote: "I was just considering checking this out...thanks for the review, Ian. Nice work."

Glad you liked it!

I felt bad when she finally did come visit. I tried to sugar-coat my reactions in person, but this book really did rub me the wrong way. However, it is a quick, easy read -- no effort required.

message 3: by Simeon (new)

Simeon Tiptop review.

message 4: by Amanda J (new)

Amanda J I've had this waiting on my shelf for months; now I don't feel so bad for not getting to it sooner. Will continue to let it gather dust after reading your review.

message 5: by Emilie (new)

Emilie Sadly, there's no great sense of loss here, only a slow realization that the protagonist is as tiresome at the end as he was at the beginning.

yes, exactly. there was no journey, no transformation.

message 6: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Great review. Quoting another review I liked-Sad is when the cover is the best thing about a book.

message 7: by Therese (new)

Therese I didn't dislike it as much as you did, but I could definitely see most of your points. Too much New York uberhip nihilism for sure, and left me with vaguely icky feelings.

[Name Redacted] Yeah, I've never understood the people who live in or move to New York and then spend all their time whining about how much they hate it. New York is my city and I love it -- perhaps I don't whinge on about its various flaws because I've actually lived in enough other places to know that ALL PLACES HAVE FLAWS?

Peejay Who Once Was Minsma Great review. Thank you for encapsulating so well why I found this book so wearisome. I reached the halfway point before I Just. Couldn't. Take. It. Anymore.

message 10: by Kweli (new)

Kweli Patton Such an on point review its such a terrible book.

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