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message 1: by Chloe (new)

Chloe Glad i am not the only one. I felt like an alien because it seemed like i was the only person who did NOT like this book.

message 2: by Emelie (new)

Emelie Haha, me too! xD I haven't met anyone else who agrees with me about this book, I was beginning to wonder if I really had missed something. High five for not liking VA!

message 3: by Verlysia (new)

Verlysia *thumbs up*

message 4: by Tin (new)

Tin I didn't like the book too! Good to know I'm not alone! I agree with the overuse of the word "sexy". I find Rose too conceited! I like Christian and Lissa. Those two were the only cool characters.

message 5: by Emelie (new)

Emelie Indeed! :D

message 6: by DaceY (new)

DaceY I just finished this book. I too did not like it so much. I found Lisa and Roses relationship annoying and im not quite sure why. And all this training Rose goes through during the whole book and she uses it in less than one chapter. This book was boring and didnt have much direction.

message 7: by Emelie (new)

Emelie Amen, sistah! xD

message 8: by Emelie (new)

Emelie Hah, jo en del har sagt att jag borde ge serien en till chans... så får väl göra't, men det får äna bli när jag har tid och kanske hittar dem på biblioteket xD

message 9: by Nuella (new)

Nuella lol i havent read the book but i am guessing it is not something i would seriously wanna read!

message 10: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia I loved it, and Rose was amazing!

message 11: by Noel (new)

Noel Wow its not all about lissa and christian there is other interesting stuff in it

message 12: by Noel (new)

Noel The book rocks

message 13: by Emelie (new)

Emelie To Noel and Cynthia (a late response, I know): And that's fine! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the book, really I am, but I personally did not enjoy this book when I read it back in 2010. That's just my personal opinion, but I'm glad you guys liked it :D

message 14: by Lili (new)

Lili The first isn't that good but they get better... There's more action in the second book. Though, everything starts at the third book !!

message 15: by Alex (new)

Alex O'Riley Dimitri - The main reason to read the first book to the end. I like Christian and Lissa,too. But Rose... She really is a whiny little bitch in the first one.

message 16: by Sasha (new)

Sasha Agree wholeheartedly...I think a series should START OFF as a good read, if the writing style made up for the plot I wouldn't have minded as much....

message 17: by Katerina (new)

Katerina Chepani Wow so how do u excpect her to react like??huh.she had been on the run for 2years because of Lissa. She was away of her school activities,training,friends only to save her and Ozera was somehow a dangerous person. She couldnt let that years go on waste just for a guy u know. Yeah i know that Christian wasnt bad but how the heck was she supposed to know that? She had and her own life u know. She couldnt spend even her last year if freedom on Lissas head. And why do u call her a bitch? Beecause she nearly lost her virginity with the hottest mooroi? Thats every 17year old girl dream!!!

message 18: by Jk97531 (new)

Jk97531 I loved the book so say what you want to say but you can't change my mind. It was an awesome book and I would definitely read it again. :)

message 19: by Montana (new)

Montana Rose a whiny bitch really I think u got the names mixed up Mia is the whiny bitch and Rose is the kick ass heroine !! Yes Rose hates Christain but she is tryna protect Lisa coz Christains perants are STRIOGOI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u would probz do the exact same thing if u were Rose

message 20: by Emmyisdabae (last edited Jul 05, 2015 07:17AM) (new)

Emmyisdabae if you don't have anything nice to say bitch then don't say anything at all. this was a good vampire book other than twilight so stfu

message 21: by Lily (new)

Lily Page That is soooo tots wrong!! That mean!! I love this book! Don't swear aswell children go on this site!!

message 22: by Desiree (new)

Desiree I don't think I made it even half way through the book it was just bad

message 23: by Liise (new)

Liise i´m 13 and i liked this book but you are just rude

message 24: by Emelie (new)

Emelie what did I just say? :)

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