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message 1: by Jillian -always aspiring- (last edited Dec 11, 2010 10:52PM) (new)

Jillian -always aspiring- Tonya, I have hope that maybe, just MAYBE, Andrea Cremer will surprise us and have Calla choose Ren in the end. That will show that she has made the choice for herself without anyone else's prodding or lording her lack of free will over her. Ren was definitely the one most fleshed out in the three main characters, so I have to hope that was for a reason.

I really hate when the love triangles are so misbalanced, I really do. -_-

message 2: by Lyndsey (new)

Lyndsey I would love to see her end up with Ren! There is a blatant unbalance in many love triangles and it drives me crazy.

I'm not sure how many fans really like Shay all that much, though. It wouldn't cause a nation wide panic, I don't think. Could you imagine if in Twilight, Bella had chosen Jacob? Imagine the crazed teenie-bopper uproar. It would have been HILARIOUS!

Jillian -always aspiring- Good point. Still, it seems just too obvious for Calla to end up with Shay. I expect better from Cremer.

message 4: by tonya. (new)

tonya. I really hope that is the case. Ren was so much more well thought out and rounded than Shay's character. I hope there's a reason for that.

message 5: by Em (new)

Em I agree that I was anti-Shay from the start because I felt that Calla needed to be with a wolf they could understand her more... and then Shay turned.. *sigh* Without all these shenanigans, Calla's life would have been so much smoother. Is that terrible of me to say, since the Keepers are supposed to be the bad guys? And I must be great at predicting things because I suspected Shay would be the "prey" as soon as it was mentioned that there was going to be prey at the union.

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