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message 1: by Mark (new)

Mark If there is softness here, it is that the devils are painted in glaring red, which may be an accurate portrayal of the time, but makes for a melodramatic feel at times

This was one of the things i struggled with too. Miss Hilly, for example, just seemed too horrible not just for words but that she could have had a real existence. Her petty viciousness and nastiness seemed ridiculous and I found it difficult to see why she would have been set up as the main trend setter as she was such an unadulterated bitch. Great review of an excellent book

message 2: by Will (new)

Will Byrnes Thanks, Mark. There is indeed a wealth of petty viciousness in the world. Have you been catching recent political news here? North Carolina goes out of its way to gay bash. Other states are doing their best to follow suit. And there are plenty of entirely petty bitches in the world, both female and male. I agree that the reality of how awful people really are can sometimes make for bad fiction. Personally, the black hat that was Hilly seemed somewhat reasonable to me given the time and the place. But I can see how it might have been better to have used instead a bit of subtlety.

message 3: by Dolors (new)

Dolors The Help is a powerful, moving read, blessed with a colorful, believable cast of characters, a compelling setting and an eternal message of shared humanity
Will, I couldn't have said it better, sensitive review for a very touching book.

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