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The movie is going to be amazing! I just hope the cast can pull it off! I can't wait for the movie either!

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Vera_Awesome oh yeah im planing to go wtch the movie too with my fanatic cousin! and planing to read the book

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) I am so excited!!!! ^.^

Jana (The Book Goddess) That teaser is so short though.. still I can't wait to watch the full movie

message 5: by Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) (last edited Aug 29, 2011 09:19AM) (new)

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) Did you listen to Rues 4 note whistle in the end? ^.^
I will die when the official trailer will get released, and I know I will be screaming the whole time watching the movie and shouting "I READ IT! OMG!"

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) IKR! ^_^ <3

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message 8: by Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) (last edited Nov 16, 2011 03:03PM) (new)

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) Seriously! I WANT TO WATCH THE MOVIE NOW! >.<
I am dyyiinngg here *acting like I am dying* XD

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oceana Saniya wrote: "Seriously! I WANT TO WATCH THE MOVIE NOW! >.<
I am dyyiinngg here *acting like I am dying* XD"


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Lissa I know this is shallow but the actor playing Gale looks totally hot with dark hair.

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oceana Lissa wrote: "I know this is shallow but the actor playing Gale looks totally hot with dark hair."

Not shallow. We're females who love HG that happens to have a very hot guy playing in it. Normal. ;D

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) Ahhh! ^.^
IKR! Liam is hot! =D
And the worst part for me is, its releasing right after my results. :(

Look at this:
"Hunger Games" author Suzanne Collins says Josh nailed his audition as Peeta. “I tell you, if Josh had been bright purple and had six foot wings and gave that audition, I’d have been like, ‘Cast him! We can work around the wings.’ He was that good," she told EW.

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) Even me! But the casting was done by the personality not the appearance. So I am glad. :D
I didn't like Gale, but now after watching the trailer, I think the movie is gonna be good!

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Ne love the photos. omg i cant wait to see de movie

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) IK! ^.^ I will seriously camp out, whatever for this movie! =D

message 16: by Ne (new)

Ne eheh me 2!!!

message 17: by Rieyah (new)

Rieyah Jamil me too. start to loving this book already

Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles pictures are soooo pretty. they look great as a family. katniss and gale + peeta. awesome

Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles i cant get over how good they look together! i cant wait!!!!!!

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) Ah, I just love Everyone in The Hunger Games at this moment! =D Just 3 more months!!!! ^.^

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Athira Oh Saniya! whr did u get these pics from?

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) Facebook- Hunger Games
and vanity fair! =D

message 23: by Athira (new)

come and like my Fb HG page:)


Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) YES! I LOVE THEM! ^_^

Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles the second picture looks like a family portrait.

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Priyak Ghosh quite frankly speaking i dint like the boy who played the character of PEETA.they could have taken the boy who was in the song in you belong with me with Taylor Swift or in climb in miley cyrus...

message 28: by Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) (last edited Dec 26, 2011 04:28AM) (new)

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) Ah, I love Lucas Till, but I think the author and then the movie cast making people would have chosen Josh Hutcherson for some particular reason. I think personality mattered to them more than the outer appearances. I think I agree with who they have casted as Peeta because personally, personality is more important. Josh is more like Peeta in character and even in body type. Only his face is a bit different, other wise hes good and he loves cooking! Hes kind of perfect. I even agreed with Liam casted as Gale :)

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Priyak Ghosh Gale is okay but he is not so much highlighted in The Hunger Games...

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) Yeah, but Gale has a greater role in Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

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Mollie CANT WAIT!!!!! And may I say this song is GORGEOUS! I cant wait to see how they use it in the film. Counting down the days....

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) IKR! The song is actually haunting! ^_^
I just can't wait to watch the movie!

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) Its not just any movie, its The Hunger Games and if anybody had any problem with my review, Goodreads would have already removed it. I guess me along with 39 people like seeing whats happening in the movie as we are the die-hard fans. Any objection with my review, scroll down.

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oceana People get off-topic on here and that's fine. This is Saniya's review, anyway, and she can post what she wants. I don't see the big deal here.

message 35: by Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) (last edited Jan 29, 2012 09:09AM) (new)

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) Seriously, and even if I am promoting movies, its The Hunger Games, movie of the book, not Hangover or something. And thats not even off-topic, its a part of a review that any person can write.

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lalakary im reading this book right now...there's parts that I cant wait to see in a movie screen

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) Ah, I know! :)

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Michele C Can't wait to see the movie! You should join my group Erudite Readers since we have a challenge for the hunger games where we read a chapter a day!

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) Ah, I just got the inbox. I am in that group :)

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Michele C Yay! Are you going to take part in it??

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) I have got exams starting this week and ending on 17, so I don't think so :(

message 42: by Michele (new)

Michele C Aw the chapters are pretty short so it doesn't take long to read them but i understand.

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) I would love to but I don't even think I will have time :( I have to give for 7 subjects.

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Ankita looks promising!!!!!!!

Kristina Ivashkov so damn excited for the movie! love the books!

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Ashlyn This is the best book ever! And i share your excitement! I got my tickets for the midnight premier a few days ago! I love Peeta! :D

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) OMG! ^__^ <3 I guess I might be able to watch the movie on cinema :)

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Tori i just went 2 tha place they filmedd!!!!! it was awwwwesommmeee!!!!

Saniya(Will Herondale is mine) OMG OMG OMG! LUCKY YOU! :D *jealous*

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Eve hahahahahahahaha the pic is so funny i hope u dont mind i made this my wallpaper :D

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