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message 1: by new_user (new)

new_user When I really get into a book, I read it fast too! Glad you're liking this. I liked her style and the tone. So melancholy.

message 2: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell Yeah!! The author really makes this book worthwhile!!! I just love the way that she makes the story told from the POVs of Sam and Grace!!

message 3: by Rhonda (new)

Rhonda Ronyell wrote: "Yeah!! The author really makes this book worthwhile!!! I just love the way that she makes the story told from the POVs of Sam and Grace!!"

Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry, #1) by Simone Elkeles
This book is like that too!!
I really liked this one.

message 4: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell Perfect Chemistry? Hmmm...I never read that book before... is it paranormal romance?

message 5: by Rhonda (last edited Nov 12, 2010 02:48AM) (new)

Rhonda No, it's just a YA romance. About 250 pages, but I really liked it. One of my friends recommended it and I loved it!!!

That's my little review.

♥  Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness OH oh oh, perfect chemistry is fantastic! As for Shiver? Well I loved Linger but Shiver just didnt tickle my fancy like Linger did. I felt it was to drawn out. Nothing significant happened and there wasnt enough interaction between Sam and Grace.

message 7: by Rhonda (new)

Rhonda REALLY???? Now I want to read LINGER!!! See what you girls do to me!! LMAO

♥  Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness All in a days work.

message 9: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell Me too!! I can't wait to read Linger after I finished with Shiver!!!

message 10: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin Glad you enjoyed this. I have to agree that this has a "Twilight" feel. I was enjoying and it made me giddy, however, the meningitis thing ruined it for me. :/

message 11: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell @Jasmin,
Yeah, I admit that I did get thrown off by the meningitis thing because I was wondering to myself that wouldn't they die if they used it as a cure?

message 12: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin There is a high chance that they could die due to meningitis, but I thought that a blood transfusion reaction would kill them faster. What are the odds that Sam and the patient with meningitis would have the absolute same blood type? Figuring they have the same ABO blood type, there are still odds, since there are still tons of blood types out there.

Plus, there was this SUPER HUGE chance that Grace and her friend would have caught the meningitis too.

I know I sound geeky, but the science mojo ruined it for me. :/

message 13: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell @Jasmin,
That's alright! Actually that sounds really interesting to me! I also think that if you just did a blood transfusion for a person with a different blood type, you could get killed since the blood type isn't the same and Grace and Isabel might have caught the meningitis since they nearly touched it and they were around Jack who caught it.

message 14: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin Yes one would die. Especially if the ABO blood type is different. They would have an immediate hemolytic transfusion reaction, where your body battles off the foreign blood.

You did say it better than I did, but you got my point. :D

message 15: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell @Jasmin,
Yeah! I know this is a fantasy book, but still they might have kept that information about meningitis realistic as possible.

message 16: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin Finally someone who agrees with me. I swear I liked Grace and Sam. I was lightheaded with love. Pretty much how I felt when I read twilight. But then, there came the meningitis stuff. I really hope I enjoyed it more. Maggie does write beautifully. :/

message 17: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell @Jasmin,
Yes! She really is a great writer, especially when she is doing Sam's side of the story!

message 18: by Rane (new)

Rane Wonderful Review Ronyell!

message 19: by Rhonda (new)

Rhonda Have you girls read Lament  The Faerie Queen's Deception (Books of Faerie, #1) by Maggie Stiefvater or Ballad  A Gathering of Faerie (Books of Faerie, #2) by Maggie Stiefvater

message 20: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin Hope you like Linger Ronyell. Unfortunately, I didn't :(

message 22: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell Thanks everyone!!! I haven't read Lament or Ballad yet Rhonda, but they sound interesting!!

message 23: by Rhonda (new)

Rhonda Ballad is the better of the 2.

message 24: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell That's great to hear Rhonda!! I'l have to check out these series once I'm finished with the Wolves of Mercy Falls series!

message 25: by Wendy Darling (new)

Wendy Darling Ahh, I'm glad this made the six star book shelf! :)

message 26: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell Wendy Darling wrote: "Ahh, I'm glad this made the six star book shelf! :)"

Yeah! :D

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