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message 1: by Krisanne (new)

Krisanne Stewart :-) I totally agree! I didn't want her to find out either, and it was such a strange premise...floating in "It" with lost objects. I wrote the author to find out about the cat. She wouldn't give me the answer!!

message 2: by Krisanne (new)

Krisanne Stewart To's not that she wouldn't tell me the answer...she wanted me to figure it out without telling me. Don't you just hate when you have to use your own brain!??!

message 3: by Cheney (new)

Cheney Yes! Lol!! Did you figure it out? I am guessing you wanted to know if the cat was murdered or killed???

message 4: by Krisanne (new)

Krisanne Stewart yes! but wanted to know who did it!

message 5: by Cheney (new)

Cheney I think she was being paranoid and the cat just got hit by a car... i don't recall any hints to think otherwise.

message 6: by Krisanne (new)

Krisanne Stewart oh I disagree...the cat was posed!

message 7: by Krisanne (new)

Krisanne Stewart is it wrong that I kept hoping for Maddy to be dreaming the whole thing?

message 8: by Cheney (new)

Cheney Hmmm... if you're right then I think it definitely was Dana then. She did try to hurt Maddy with her car...

message 9: by Krisanne (new)

Krisanne Stewart I agree with you...Dana is one of those girls that you just do not want to take your eye off of!

message 10: by Cheney (new)

Cheney On your previous comment... NO! Not at all... I so wanted the same thing.

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