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message 1: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Bunch I have been writing a book set in Syracuse about 150 years after these events, so when I realized I had a copy of the Mary Renault book that I had never read (collected as a first edition, often these don't get read) I had to drop what I had been reading and get to it. I was familiar with the history, so the political story does not hold any surprises, but I am enjoying the recreation. Not as beautifully written as some of her earlier books, however.

message 2: by Kit (new)

Kit Dunsmore Bryan wrote: "I have been writing a book set in Syracuse about 150 years after these events"

Good luck with that! I'm guessing it's fiction? I love well-written historical novels, like Renault's, that put you in the time and place and give you a taste of a different lifestyle while simultaneously telling you an interesting story.

message 3: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Bunch Actually it is intended to be YA fiction, so a little less dense than Renault's work, although I am trying to capture the lifestyle and also by reference get in a fair amount of the culture. My protagonist is Archimedes from age 9 to about 19, about which nothing is known, so I can make it all up based on his accomplishments later in life. Meanwhile it is a very interesting period in history with Pyrrhus and the rise of Hiero II, who is a relative of Archimedes so the stories become tangled together. As in the Renault book, the political history determines the overall framework for the fictional story.

message 4: by Kit (new)

Kit Dunsmore Finding ways to keep it interesting when the main plot is historically based (and possibly known) sounds challenging. Happy Writing!

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