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Laura the Highland Hussy Let me know how this is! It's on my wish-list on pbs

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy I'm anxious to know about this one as well! Love the cover!

message 3: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia (aka Artemis) Me too!

message 4: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia (aka Artemis) I agree Laurie. I'm getting a little tired of all the double standards: He can but she can't. blah, blah, blah.

message 5: by Diana (new)

Diana Leigh Yeah, I've gotten tired of the virgin-thing in historicals too. I suppose for the time period that's just how it was, though I think I'd prefer the story to be about an older woman (25+ ... gasp!!) or a widow maybe? At least she could have some experience! That's why I like paranormals and contemporaries - the women don't have to be "innocent"!

message 6: by Laurie (new)

Laurie (Bitten by Romance) Thats why I loved Jennifer Ashley's MacKenzies brothers at least they were different.

I totally agree with you last statement Diana!

message 7: by Amy (new)

Amy I agree, Laure. The MacKenzie brothers rock!

Laura the Highland Hussy I'll chime in too: Lords Ian and Mac were fantastic!

message 9: by Flo (new)

Flo Your comments are really funny. The one about not liking historical romances because the heroine is a virgin and the hero has laid countless babes. So true. So been there done that.

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