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message 1: by Res (new)

Res Bwah! That sort of thing is why I dropped the book after about fifteen pages -- well, that and the Not My Kink problem.

message 2: by Zen (new)

Zen Cho You are wise! I thought so when I read that you'd dropped Rainbows End after 50 pages, but this confirms it.

message 3: by Res (new)

Res Yeah, I probably shouldn't rejoice so when things that cause me mental pain also turn out to cause other people mental pain, but I do. It's good to have a bad opinion confirmed.

message 4: by Nicola (new)

Nicola O. Hahahaa! I absolutely loved this book, but your parody is hilarious.

message 5: by Zen (new)

Zen Cho :) Thanks! I liked it quite a lot in the beginning; it's just the whole Skaldi arc onwards that bored me really. Poisonous D'Angeline politics are more interesting than Skaldi plans for world domination.

message 6: by CJ (new)

CJ roflmao!!!! I actually managed to finish the book and rather enjoyed it despite the stilted prose and the wannabe Tanith Lee descriptions, but dear god your parody was right on the head! Wonderful!!!!

message 7: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I absolutely agree (and I haven't even finished the book yet). The worldbuilding is her strong suit.

message 8: by Lori (new)

Lori Carney I loved the book - a great guilty pleasure. Your parody is so funny!!! It's dead on. Even though I enjoyed all the angst and earnestness you hit the nail on the head. It's a great escape though.

message 9: by C.D. (new)

C.D. The whole book bored the snot out of me. I read all 700 pages because my friends promised me it got better once it developed a plot. It sort of did, but I still wanted to cut Phedre's fool head off and nuke Terre d'MarieSue and their pretentious, self-important selves.

Plot should be evident in the start of the book, not suddenly appear at page 350.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Very well done!

I offer a minor addition in my review.

message 11: by Becky (new)

Becky Hilarious review. One has to wonder if Cassilines are allowed to enjoy margarine though. Maybe some "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter"?

message 12: by Laura (new)

Laura Lam This is a hilarious review. A+! I listened to it on audiobook while at work because it amused me to listen to kinky sex scenes whilst filing. The woman reading it had a sultry voice. I don't think I'd have been able to sit down and read it.

message 13: by Eric (new)

Eric Luke Very funny review. I am a third of the way in and already getting annoyed. Basil Exposition would be quite at home in this world. Again. Your parody skewered it!

message 14: by Bibliophile (new)

Bibliophile This is such a hysterically funny review. I don't dislike this as much as you do, but your parody is brilliant - and I will be thinking about butter basically the entire rest of the novel.

message 15: by Loederkoningin (new)

Loederkoningin Ha, spot-on!

message 16: by Barb (new)

Barb Chapman Bibliophile - I'm with you on all points.
Zen - the parody made me wince and laugh at the same time. Kudos.

message 17: by Sara (new)

Sara lmao! Great Job! It's how I feel, too.
and @Conni I've read 550 pages for the same reason. My BFF inexplicably loves this series and forced it on me.... I'll try to finish it just to make her happy, but ugh. Just as I was getting in to it, the Skaldi s*it comes about. And I don't particularly like any of the characters... :\

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah LOL! THAT is exactly the same sort of issue I'm having with this book.

message 19: by Elaine (new)

Elaine very funny review.I loved the book but you definitely made me laugh.I can see why you feel this way

message 20: by Blanche (new)

Blanche This is the best review. I had to search the ebook to make sure that this didn't actually occur.

The main highlight of the book was Hyacinthe, which is why every page without him suffers for its lack.

message 21: by Wetbook (new)

Wetbook That's a pretty spot-on parody of the writing. I'm about 60 pages in, and it's really putting me off. Although the average rating is above 4 stars, I think that between this overwrought writing and some of the other reviews about the ultimately monotonous and not-very-interesting bdsm, i'll not finish.

message 22: by Dichotomy Girl (new)

Dichotomy Girl I love this book, but your satire was hilarious! The only thing missing...could you squeeze in some "If only I'd known how much I would rue the day he passed me butter....."

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