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message 1: by Ian (new)

Ian Grayejoy I'm sure your 15-year old former self is alive and well and holed up reading the contents of your verysleazyfun shelves.
You should let him out to review some of them.

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Bryant most of that little lot do have reviews... in fact now you mention it, did you ever look at this one? I think you'll like it!

message 3: by Ian (new)

Ian Grayejoy Ha ha. I hadn't.
One day soon, I'm going to read all of your 700 reviews in one sitting. In alphabestial order.

message 4: by Paul (new)

Paul Bryant I bet he loves it!

message 5: by Tominda (new)

Tominda Adkins Great review. I'm halfway through the book and the corny war jargon is killing me. Zeke? Really?? And DeStRes??? Sounds like a shitty hip-hop group whose bio I'd rather read than finish WWZ.

message 6: by Paul (new)

Paul Bryant the movie will be better.

message 7: by Rita (new)

Rita Great review as always, though I have to say that I'm surprised by "only" 2 stars, since, after all, you have a pretty positive opinion of it! :-)

I'm currently reading this one (which is for me the the first Zombie novel I've picked up, ever), and I must say that I'm pretty impressed so far! :)

message 8: by Paul (new)

Paul Bryant Thanks - I guess the 2 stars is my own experience - I think this is a 3.5 star piece of work, probably.

message 9: by Rita (new)

Rita Paul wrote: "Thanks - I guess the 2 stars is my own experience - I think this is a 3.5 star piece of work, probably."

Thanks for the quick feedback :)

I think that I'll probably give it a "3" myself - am only half-way through.

message 10: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Willis I'm about 2/3rds of the way through and will probably give it 2 stars when I finish.

message 11: by Hi4340 (new)

Hi4340 from the tone of your review it sounds like you at least thoughtnit was average or better, im curious as to why you did not give it a higher rating?

message 12: by Paul (new)

Paul Bryant see message 9 above !

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