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message 1: by Corinne (new)

Corinne I'm looking forward to your review ;)

message 2: by Nomes (new)

Nomes Oooh ~ I'm scared to read this for some reason... Hope you're enjoying it!

message 3: by oliviasbooks (new)

oliviasbooks Hardcover in a very good condition and avsailable for swapping within Germany!!!

message 4: by Nomes (new)

Nomes what an intelligent and thoughtful review.

Having recently read an adult dystopia it has made me think the YA ones i have read really pale in comparison and seem quite foolish/childish/under-developed or there simply for making a background for some sort of forbidden love story.

If my library gets this one I *may* check it out.

I think YA dystopia is fast becoming the new YA paranormal and, unfortunately for me, a genre I may start to avoid. Also ~ I find I cannot really trust all the rave reviews that float around the blogosphere in a mass hysteria. Thank God for intelligent goodreads friends :)

message 5: by oliviasbooks (new)

oliviasbooks Thank you, Nomes. I value your reviews a lot, too.

message 6: by Nic (new)

Nic Sorry you didn't like it Olivia. But great review. I actually did like this even though it took some warming up to. I also think it is a lot better than XVI, Matched and Wither which I have read recently.

Nomes, I think you are right about the new trend being dystopia. But I am pretty sure it won't last for long. I think mythology is going to be the next big thing! Also you mentioned you have read some adult dystopia. What do you recommend?

message 7: by Corinne (new)

Corinne Calling dibs if it's still available and you're not too enoyed about me (because I call it a lot ;) )

message 8: by oliviasbooks (new)

oliviasbooks No, Corinne, I am not annoyed. Certainly not. But maybe I'll try to sell the book on Amazon's. If nobody buys it or offers an equally new hardcover to me, I'll keep it for you.

message 9: by ~Tina~ (new)

~Tina~ Wow, great review, I've been undecided about this book, so I'm glad I'm getting it through my lib instead of buying it:)

message 10: by oliviasbooks (new)

oliviasbooks Nic wrote: "Sorry you didn't like it Olivia. But great review. I actually did like this even though it took some warming up to. I also think it is a lot better than XVI, [book:Matched|7735333..."

*Grin*. Well, 2 stars is not the bottom of the rating bag ...

message 11: by Alexa (new)

Alexa Very great review, Olivia! I want to read this, but after some of the reviews I've read, I'm just not sure when I will get around to it. :p

message 12: by papalbina (new)

papalbina still available for swapping?

message 13: by oliviasbooks (last edited Mar 07, 2011 07:45AM) (new)

oliviasbooks Yes, if you have got something interesting to swap ... ;-).
(see http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/...

message 14: by papalbina (new)

papalbina anything you would like to read?? :P

message 15: by oliviasbooks (new)

oliviasbooks LOTS!

message 16: by papalbina (new)

papalbina yeah, well, me too xDD take a look at my shelves - i have a "for-tradeoff" one but it's not very up-to-date... i think i have more than 23 books available for swapping O.o i have to review my real shelves at home :P

message 17: by oliviasbooks (new)

oliviasbooks Oki. Maybe you can notify me, should you find/can part with s.th. from my two wishlists? Your trade-off-shelf doesn't match with my 'desires' ... :-O

message 18: by oliviasbooks (new)

oliviasbooks Snatched.

message 19: by Selina (new)

Selina Agreed; I had trouble reading the first half of the book. And couldn't get past how like Uglies this book was. I even posted some (13) of the similarities between them in my review. And because the similarity I was expecting so much more to happen... which it didn't really (at least, not to the extent I was anticipating). :(

message 20: by Anna (new)

Anna You should have read to page 150. That's where I am right now and it's picking up. On the other hand, its a little depressing that the book is written from Lena's POV instead of Hana's.

message 21: by Catherine (new)

Catherine I have to agree with you that this book took a loooong time to provide any sort of hook, but there was enough pay off for me in the end to be pleased that I stuck with it. This is the first of Oliver's books that I have read, so I will be interested to read some more of her work outside of the dystopian universe. Thanks for your review :)

message 22: by oliviasbooks (last edited Apr 09, 2012 05:40AM) (new)

oliviasbooks Thank you, Catherine! I actually recommend Before I Fall. Very daring, but also very rewarding to create a rather unlikable heroine.

message 23: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Thanks Olivia, I will definitely check it out!

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