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message 1: by Megan (new)

Megan HAhahahahaa Thats funny. I still hate Dylan though. Ok i agree with a lot of this but I don't think angel is the one that caused Fang to leave. It was dylan. Dylan convinced Fang it was the best thing for Max. when Fang left the note that said "gonna see whats going on." or something like that. Well anyways, he was just gonna stop by the doctors house then head to Montana, or somewhere where the flock wouldn't find him. So even though Angel is the devils spawn, she still didn't cause that

message 2: by Mccall (new)

Mccall Rice I agree with Megan. Its not her fault! its that stupid girl stealer jerk named dylan! btw what do you guys think it will be about? like the ending.... like does she end up fang or dylan!?

message 3: by Lifeinthecity (new)

Lifeinthecity I hope it ends with her falling for fang because they have such a long history..and plus in this book you can tell they still care about each other but I hate how fang has his own gang with max clone Maya in it and it seems like fang starting to like her because he was about to kiss Maya but he didn't gladfully

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