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message 1: by K.D. (new)

K.D. Absolutely Another nice review, Jzhun! You should have a weekly article in one of the broadsheets as book reviewer!

message 2: by Aldrin (last edited Jun 27, 2010 07:45AM) (new)

Aldrin Brilliant writing, as usual, sir. I'm curious, though, as to how your review would have turned out had you been the least impelled to do away with spoilers, which your review, as it stands, is replete with; hence the preambulatory warning. Were I one who hadn't read the book or one who had long ago written Rowling off as an author who went by "on sheer dumb luck," as Prof. McGonagall was wont to say, I would have been loath to read your review. Believe it or not, there are non-Harry Potter fans out there, and they'll certainly do well to read your well-wrought opinion on the series and be converted to the fold in the process.

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