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message 1: by Kiran (new)

Kiran i actually liked it
have you read all of them

message 2: by Shannon (new)

Shannon @ Kiran: I am pretty sure Traci has read all the books considering she states in her review that she read the others in 10 hours straight.
9. Lord Voldemort has been foiled by Harry how many times now? And when he "kills" Harry, don't you think that a wizard mastermind who's been foiled by this stupid boy as many times as he had, would go make sure the little prat is dead himself? Like he'd go poke him with his wand or something?

I have to admit I burst out laughing at this one. I completely agree!

message 3: by Kiran (new)

Kiran well then
i am sorry i did not read the whole thing because actually the first sentance was so stupid i tried reading the rest but got sleepy soooo...

message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited May 10, 2009 08:53AM) (new)

obviusly u dont have good taste cuz this book is a very good writing and has a much better plot then a lot of the books i have read

message 5: by Kiran (new)

Kiran Kelsey wrote: "obviusly u dont have good taste cuz this book is a very good writing and has a much better plot then a lot of the books i have read"
exactlythis is one of the most adventurous books i have ever read1

message 6: by [deleted user] (last edited May 10, 2009 09:30AM) (new)

I know it is a very well writen story. i get it when some teens dont like it because they read the first chapter of the first book but the last one is FULL of exitment

message 7: by Kiran (new)

Kiran Kelsey wrote: "I know it is a very well writen story. i get it when some teens dont like it because they read the first chapter of the first book but the last one is FULL of exitment"

exactly see its just you weirdo that are diffrent

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

this review is saying that it has NO plot wel it does cuz through out the whole book things are pilling up. this book is a VERY well made book

message 9: by Kiran (new)

Kiran Kelsey wrote: "this review is saying that it has NO plot wel it does cuz through out the whole book things are pilling up. this book is a VERY well made book"

best book ever1

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

YAY!!!! lol

message 11: by Kiran (new)

Kiran Kelsey wrote: "YAY!!!! lol"

yeah it is cool
you guys stink at taste

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

wait do u mean tra cie stinks at taste

message 13: by Kiran (new)

Kiran i mean when it comes to types of books she stinks her taste in books suck

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

o yeah totally agreed

message 15: by lianna (new)

lianna This book was amazing...but whatever.

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

yeah this book was a top hit it had good writing styles there was nothing bad in it dont understand wat traci is talking about

message 17: by Cara (new)

Cara point 9 had me in stitches! and I agree the epilogue sucked.

message 18: by Morgan (new)

Morgan F I agree with all of that except Number 7. Some of the deaths got to me a little.
Like Dobby's. That guy sure was an annoyance but when Harry dug his grave...oh, and the Tonks/Remus ones kind of got me too.

message 19: by (new)

★ i beg to differ with your review.
Brilliant plot, thrilling, not predictable-though voldy actually would win!
ALL my favroite characters died, as for the narrow escapes: THRILLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 20: by Izzy (new)

Izzy Sorry but who ever doesnt like the book is a heartless looser. Sorry. BTW i loved everyone who died. Lupin was my favorite and freds death made me cry and snape' s was really sad too.

message 21: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie just wanna know what you think is a unpredictable and really good book then?

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

I've had to disagree with EVERYTHING you have said. I'm sorry that you couldn't see how great this book was, I mean it. I loved it, and thought it was amazing. Definately one of my fav. books.

message 23: by JP (new)

JP This book was brilliant. The only thing I would mildly agree on is point number 9 (of which I found quite funny), but most books need some sort of insane luck or a really unlikely event otherwise books would be extremely boring.

message 24: by Simone (new)

Simone Predictable you say? If she had gone the unpredictable route by killing Harry and making Voldemort the victor, I suspect you and little girls everywhere would have cried.

message 25: by Cici (new)

Cici i love this book soooooooooooooo much and completly dissagree with this review.

message 26: by Parishrut (new)

Parishrut Pandey God, never seen as ignorant a bastard as you!

message 27: by Zsa (new)

Zsa You're pathetic. Lol. I mean, this book was clearly EXPLAINED WELL and covered up every single thing in ALL of the HP series.
I hope you're trolling, though.

message 28: by Lily (new)

Lily why are you so wrong? let me count the ways...

1. no not really, i got a book about the last harry potter before it was released and it tore the 6th to peaces and still guessed wrong
2. its a book full of magic, things like that happen, would u rather have them all die or just not meet up with any problems and go skipping into the woods happily?
3.theres a lot of chapters about dumbledore...elaborate
4. um nope, he took every chance to get at harry, j.k. rowling didnt leave out such a great villan as that plus he like owns the 6th book
5.Ron had to come back, what would they have done without him, he was always the underdog, it was time for him to prove himself
6.happens all the time, ever heard of a baby boom? people get married, make out, have sex, get together, run off with each other when they think they wont survive another day. that was the best time for them to finally kiss, it fit in perfectly hello!? lupin was harrys friend and teacher, sirius was probs the best character ever and harry loved him so much, Dumbledore...i wont even go there...mad eye was his teacher as well not really at school since that turned out to be a deatheater but all the same harry learned a lot from him.
8. she was his innocence, this is a coming of age story plus theres this store in the book, its called a pet shop, you buy owls there.
9.exactly his mistake, he underestimated harry so much and thought he was so powerful that he made mistake after mistake after mistake, he couldnt learn from his mistakes, dumbledore actually talks about harry was a horcrux...he couldnt really die with a piece of voldys soul in him now could he?
10. no she doesnt, she is the brains, they wouldnt have survived without her but i think she understands harrys grief and anger.

you officially fail

message 29: by Ciara (new)

Ciara Some things you referred to are in the films rather than
the books. Hermoine never changed, she still had her input and was as clever as ever.
And about the kiss, it was long awaited and the water had stopped by the time they kissed. Loved the book!

message 30: by Deepa (new)

Deepa My GOD .. I dont know wat made u to write such a down-graded review. But let me u .. This book is amazing !! And I m pretty sure i reread this book more than 4 times. And would love to start over again !

message 31: by Leah (new)

Leah I dont agree with your review.If it took all your self discipline to not throw the book across the room,you must have some serious anger problems.

message 32: by Deepa (new)

Deepa Leah wrote: "I dont agree with your review.If it took all your self discipline to not throw the book across the room,you must have some serious anger problems."

Hmm , U wish ! And u wld need some imagination MO! HP Series is one of the best books EVER PERIOD

message 33: by Audrey_e (new)

Audrey_e I agree with your review. Thank you for voicing the truth. (Even though I was sad when Lupin died)

message 34: by Shanice (new)

Shanice okay hedwig dying was to signify another part of Harry's childhood being lost she was his first friend, she was with him through the long summers at the Dursleys and she dying affirmed that part of his life was over and that the war had really begun.
Rant over. I agree with number 4 though.

message 35: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Murray just because you disagree with someone's opinion doesn't make them a "heartless looser"... people are so sensitive!

message 36: by Laura (new)

Laura What is with people and they're humanity? This book is amazing. It's not my favorite one in the series, but it's pretty darn good.

1)This book wasn't that predictable, and the stuff that was, it was brilliant anyways.
2)If they didn't get away, there would hardly be any story because they would all be dead.
3)Dumbledore is Harry's mentor. When he was 'dead', he was able to communicate with them. He was only just beyond the veil and he had the choice to go back.
4)Draco was hardly there. He couldn't really go with the trio, I doubt that would go over well.
5)Ron's just an arrogant prat. You can't help but love him.
6)"It's now or never isn't it?" The relationship between Ron and Hermione had been growing for a while now. You had to have seen that one coming...
7)You git! Grab a sense of humanity! They were people and very close to some of us.
8)Hedwig was a very great owl. Just because she wouldn't be useful doesn't mean her death was completely deliberate.
9)Voldemort's an idiot. We all know that.
10)Hermione is a smart person with a caring heart, unlike some people.

If you don't like a book, don't read it. If everything's so predictable and boring and stupid, go read a newspaper.

message 37: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Murray "7)You git! Grab a sense of humanity! They were people and very close to some of us."

Nope. They were characters. Fictional. In a book.

message 38: by Laura (new)

Laura Ah, well, I can't argue with that. But still, when you grow up having hardly any friends but book characters, it's extremely sad to read about them dying.

message 39: by L. G. (new)

L. G. Schmidt This review is old, but I wanted to respond.

I totally agree with #9. I never got that either.

But all of the others I disagree with, especially #7. The deaths killed me. I spent seven books with those characters, and when they died it was like losing a part of myself (lame, I know, but I take my books very seriously).

message 40: by Leah (new)

Leah Blair I didn't HATE this book, but I was definitely disappointed and want it more. And #4. SO HARD. Draco had a clear arc going from book 1 to 6, and that was actually what I was most excited to see in book 7--the finishing of that arc. I didn't expect him to become a rah-rah good guy, but I expected some sort of growth, maybe even him dying. I would've almost preferred anything than the treatment JK gave him in the DH. It's like she had no respect for the character.

message 41: by Leah (new)

Leah Blair WANTED more*. Yikes.

Bibliophile Reflections "1. Predictable."
Predictable, eh? What was predictable? The fact that Voldemort was seeking the wand? The horcruxes? The track? The deaths? The fight? Godric's Hollow? The Deathly Hollows? Snape's true reason for being on the wrong side?
Well, if you "predicted" all those things, you've got a damn good imagination! Maybe you should have written the books!

"2. Ohmigosh, they're going to get caught!!! And they barely get away. How many times did that happen? At the wedding, at the cafe, in the woods, at the Malfoys, at Gringotts, at the Ministry, at Godric's Hallow ... ... ... at Luna's dad's house ... ... did I miss any??? I mean, after one such incident, there's a line that says something like, How they managed to escape from such a situation was beyond him ... yeah, that's because it's a freakin' novel."
They did get caught, didn't they? And a lot of times! Haven't you noticed that every time there has been action, it was because they were near to getting caught. Of course, you didn't think that Rowling would have like to confront Harry and Voldemort only on very significant moments? ... At the beginning, to show that Harry's wand could act on its own and that Voldemort's wand wasn't the problem, which lead, as you may know, to the track of the Elder Wand, which lead to the Deathly Hollows. Then, in the wood and for their final battle.
Rowling might not have wanted to confront Voldemort and Harry at every chapter of the book, would have caused a little problem, wouldn't it?

"3. What the fuck was up with that chapter with Dumbledore? It's like JK Rowling was trying too hard to make this book more than the good story it should have been."
Language girl, language!
Well, as in the 6th previous books she had said nothing about Dumbledore's past, it would have been great to know a bit about him, wouldn't it? It did change the mood a little bit. Now we know how he was in his childhood. But maybe you just wanted action and Harry to get caught and get killed by Voldemort, didn't you? A lot of people would have found it interesting, but yeah... there's always one person who feels like they ought to complain, eh?

"4. Draco was ignored, explained away as a just a contrived plot point."
You didn't want Dumbledore's story to be told but you wanted Rowling to expand on Draco, the asshole who has been pretty much Harry's whole centre of attention in the sixth book? What, missed him? You're right, I think Rowling should have dedicated three of four chapters to Malfoy, the main antagonist of the book and Harry's worst enemy!

"5. Ron leaving and then coming back to save Harry - contrived plot point."
What, you' ve never been crossed at one of your friends -if you have any?
Yes, it's true; why would two friends start arguing at such crucial and peaceful times? Not because of stress or the fear of having someone from their families killed? Surely you understand that, don't you?

"6. Ron and Hermione finally kissing ... in the middle of a war ... in the middle of a hallway that's about to fall apart ... ... sure, that's going to happen."
Well, I'm pretty sure that if you've been secretly in love with your best friend for five years and you're on the verge of dying, you'd like to let them know.

"7. Who the fuck cares about the characters that did die? I mean, only the Weasely twin was someone important."
"Only the Weasley twinS WERE important" spelling mistake there. Hum... Let's see... Who cares about the characters dying? Tricky question! Maybe everyone who has ever read the Harry Potter books? I can't decide on whether imagining you as a dick or as an idiot who's never been able to tell the different between a carrot and a banana. A mixture of both I think. I'm pretty sure a lot of people cared about Harry's father's best friend dying.

"8. And of course Hedwig died. Harry couldn't have a way to communicate with the Wizarding world now could he."
I honestly don't see the point in this comment as it could have been from a 7 years old girl, so I guess I'll just skip it.

"9. Lord Voldemort has been foiled by Harry how many times now? And when he "kills" Harry, don't you think that a wizard mastermind who's been foiled by this stupid boy as many times as he had, would go make sure the little prat is dead himself? Like he'd go poke him with his wand or something?"
It's true that when you've finally succeeded on "killing" the boy you've been dreaming to kill for 16 years, all you want to do once you've finally succeeded is to poke him with your wand! Were you born dumb or do you just take tutoring lessons?

"10. Hermione, in every other book, has had some sort of thing that only she can figure out, but in this book she suddenly becomes this little wussy girl that lets Harry walk all over her."
As Harry is the one who knows the most about his task, yes, it is logical for him to be the boss. And I don't know were you've read that she started to become the "wussy girl",as she is definitely the smartest of the 3 and the only girl.

"It took me FOUR days to read this book. FOUR!!! I - little miss read the HP books in ten hours straight - put this book down volutarily for three nights in a row. It took all my self-discipline not to throw it across the room."
What a quick reader?!? FOUR DAYS? I've never seen such a bad tempered girl who shows "self discipline not to throw a book across a room" and reads book in only four days. But wait, you said it only takes you only 10 HOURS to read another book??? WOW, we should definitely acknowledge you this. Why don't you go and visit the NAZA office and tell them what you've achieved, they'll be amazed!! What a genius! Maybe you should thank your parents for me, tell them they helped the whole nation into creating such a smart and pleasant person!!

"1. At the Malfoy's when Ron is screaming for Hermione."
When Hermione is being tortured while her two best friends are forced to hear her piercing screams and can do nothing to save her? What a jovial and happy moment! Again, I am amazed by your intelligence and your comments full of wisdom.

"And the Epilogue sucked."
What a great piece of information. Should I congratulate you again on your intelligence?

message 43: by Leah (new)

Leah Blair Damn, Victoria. Calm your tits.

Bibliophile Reflections I'm not upset. I'm just saying that J.K Rowling has more money than all of us reunited just because of the Harry Potter books. People souldn't criticize it when they wouldn't even be able to do a quarter of what she has achieved.

message 45: by kat (new)

kat Here's my opinion: This book rocked and I don't give a load of llama droppings about what you think. Conclusion: This book was amazing. Deal with it.

message 46: by Nithya (new)

Nithya Traci u definitely do not know how to judge a book

message 47: by Sonja (new)

Sonja I loved the book!!! It is with the Halfblood Prince and Ruby Red one of my faves OF ALL TIME!!!

message 48: by Afrina (new)

Afrina Ahmed oh dear... that was hilarious...
those are the actual downfall of that book i agree..

there really wasn't any part that shows hermione's intelligence... so she was kind of ignored too... well it did uplift the character of Ron though... finally shows he can use his brain too.

Snape's mysterious revelation was the only part that actually made up at the end ..well at least for me it did. He is my favorite character, so i might be a bit partial.

message 49: by WitherMisteri (new)

WitherMisteri I know that everybody has an opinion and all but....... My opinion, however, is that your opinion SUCKS XD!

But seriously dude...... This book has a rating of 4.57 (that's f-ing high if you ask me). Harry Potter fans are going to disagree with your "one star." Sad to say......

But if you dislike/hate the story (here comes my criticism), then what DO you like?
Are you even human????????????

message 50: by WitherMisteri (new)

WitherMisteri *backs away slowly, hands in the air*

Obama has an opinion.......... Just saying..........

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