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message 1: by Shweta (new)

Shweta Awesome review for the most part!

Lalaine Tanisha Sulicipan I agree :)

message 3: by Ally (new)

Ally Totally agree with what you said about Grawp, could really have done without him to be honest!

message 4: by Emilymaingi (new)

Emilymaingi I agree with you on the Grawp storyline- it seems to be unnecessary, but I think it shows that Hagrid has someone else to love, which brings comfort to some readers. However- the little bit you mentioned on Sirius' "tacked on" death? That was the climax of the book- everything was leading up to it. Although I hated to see Sirius go (I cried for days), I believe it was wholly necessary to demonstrate how Harry has had all of his protectors die. This death was particularly hard for Harry because he was just getting to know him, and they should have had so many more years together.

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