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message 1: by Richard (last edited Jul 20, 2011 08:48AM) (new)

Richard I recall one of Ridley’s claims is that environmental scares are overblown, with his evidence being that air, water, etc., in the United States, for example, is healthier than it was twenty or thirty years ago.

That assertion made me choke on my coffee — he somehow isn’t aware of the fact that first world countries are now exporting their pollution by off-shoring heavy industry?

I was reminded of his blithe attitude when I saw the New York Times article, A Look Into the Ocean’s Future , which points to a new study and says:
A new report by an international coalition of marine scientists makes for grim reading. It concludes that the oceans are approaching irreversible, potentially catastrophic change.
Since protecting the oceans is a textbook example of the tragedy of the commons and free-rider problems, solving this is going to be especially tough.

Still optimistic? Then you haven’t been paying attention.

message 2: by Trevor (new)

Trevor Perhaps this should have been called, The Rational Optimist: Putting the moron into oxymoron.

message 3: by Richard (last edited Nov 06, 2012 08:53PM) (new)

Richard Trevor wrote: "Perhaps this should have been called, The Rational Optimist: Putting the moron into oxymoron."


message 4: by Ian (new)

Ian Klappenskoff Great review.
I wonder whether our paleolithic ancestors shat in their own nest or whether that is a problem we moderns have created for ourselves.
I assume that they wandered off into the bush, only now someone else's "cave" is there to despoil.

message 5: by Marcus (new)

Marcus Tay Awesome, awesome review

message 6: by Clif (new)

Clif Hostetler Best review I've read so far this year, and it's December 31. From the comments it appears a version of this review has been on GR for over a year and somehow I hadn't noticed it before.

message 7: by Martin (new)

Martin Sutherland Brilliant review!

message 8: by Ohr (new)

Ohr Brilliant! Loved your review, especially thought-provoking was the bit about how our anxieties relating to future survival aren't embedded in our natural environment any longer (for many of us, especially in the developed world).

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