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The Host (Official Trailer) In theaters March 29
What did you think of the trailer?

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dontneed2knowmyname i saw the movie before reading and this movie was sooooo awesome

message 1993: by Olivia

Olivia Emily wrote: "one word. wow. i dont like twilight but this looks amazing. i will read this as soon as possible."

i would agree as well. the Host is lot better then Twilight. i read the book, and watch the movie.

Emily {They say it's what you make, I say its up to fate} F. one word. wow. i dont like twilight but this looks amazing. i will read this as soon as possible.

XxDeathlybitexX The book was 5/5 !! The movie brought the whole book to life :)

message 1990: by Olivia

Olivia i read the book and later watch the movie. i think it was really well done, by SM.

message 1989: by Olivia

Olivia Joy wrote: "Nothing like the book. They can't show the real struggle between Melanie and Wanda. It's only a movie."

i would agree on there. the Host is lot better then Twilight.

message 1988: by Marin

Marin Not bad at all!

message 1987: by [deleted user]


message 1986: by Jasmin

Jasmin I thought the movie going to be epic and amazing

message 1985: by Jackie

Jackie The book was amazing! From the time I read it I wanted to see what they would come up visually if a movie was made. The trailer did not disappoint me.

message 1984: by April

April The trailer looks amazing I can't wait to see the movie I think that it is going to be great. I have been reading about it and have read the book so very excited.

message 1983: by Tonya

Tonya Looks interesting!

message 1982: by Amanda

Amanda Awesome movie!!!!!!

message 1981: by claridge

claridge super cool

♥  Erika  ♥    Just saw the movie... It followed the book almost the same. It was great, I am very happy with the film.

message 1979: by Kara

Kara Lovell I didn't think it was HORRIBLE... I just don't think they can do enough in a 2 hour and 10 minute movie. They didn't build the hate or her winning them over as much as she did in the book. I did notice they fixed the inconsistency she had in the book. Yes, I'm a writer and I noticed it. It was a good movie but not a great movie.

message 1978: by Sarah

Sarah Sooooo.....was a winner announced? Not sure if I missed who won.

message 1977: by LazyKitty

LazyKitty That movie was HORRIBLE I can't believe she actually let them do that to her book smh WOW anything to put a quick buck in your pocket huh smh

message 1976: by Cindy

Cindy Bowling Looks great!

message 1975: by Shanta

Shanta Spradlin Love it, can't wait to see it. it's going to be a great movie,

message 1974: by Beverly

Beverly Metcalf It looks like a good movie. Thanks for this contest.

message 1973: by Carolyn

Carolyn Daley I think it looks intriguing. I want to know why they want to change memories and what is happening to the characters in the movie.

message 1972: by Cassandra

Cassandra I think the trailer looks exciting!

message 1971: by Wanda

Wanda Banks Very well done. Can't wait to see the movie

message 1970: by Jessie

Jessie It looks really exciting! I hope that it is as good as it looks.

message 1969: by Sydney

Sydney The trailer did an amazing job capturing my attention. After reading the Host and loving it i was really excited how the trailer came across exactly how i imagined it would be.

message 1968: by Page

Page Great!

message 1967: by Genesis

Genesis It's amazing! How Jared and Ian are and what they look like in them movie. I just can't wait to see it. It's a battle and love story!

message 1966: by Heather

Heather Love it. Makes me want to read the book

message 1965: by Kari

Kari Flores I didn't get a chance to read the book but if it is anything like the movie seems then it will definitely be something I look forward to seeing.

message 1964: by Becky

Becky The trailer looks better than the book was executed. The story line was decent but the hold to the reader wasn't as decent. The movie seems to have more ability to hold the viewer than the book held the reader from the looks of the trailer.

message 1962: by Eril

Eril interesting ... similar to Stephen King's puppetmaster

message 1961: by Donna

Donna Thomas Great idea for a book, not sure if it was executed the best it could have been, hope the movie is better, good trailer.

message 1960: by Twizzie

Twizzie The trailer is awesome

message 1959: by Isaac

Isaac Can't wait for the movie

message 1958: by Brenda

Brenda Elsner Looks like a great movie. Can't wait to see it!!!

message 1957: by Carl

Carl Todasco interesting

message 1956: by Joelle

Joelle Kook looks cool

message 1955: by Aisling

Aisling I want to see and read this!

message 1954: by Claire

Claire Sounds good!! Can't Wait!!!

message 1953: by Kat

Kat looking forward to the movie!!

message 1952: by KelseyKES

KelseyKES Imagine dragon's radioactive made it look amazing, I love max irons as jared and melanie

message 1951: by Kim

Kim Willis can't wait to see the movie!!

message 1950: by Susan

Susan Parks cool

message 1949: by M.A.

M.A. Memory theft!
Now that's a fright!

message 1948: by Susan

Susan sounds good to me!

message 1947: by Lisa

Lisa It looks very interesting!! I'd love to see what happens with the love story and with her character.

message 1946: by Katrina

Katrina Just from the snipit, i think, like most books made into movies, that the movie will not hold up to the book.

message 1945: by Jan

Jan Jordan I thought it was very intriguing. I see another love triangle in making. I really need to read the book before watching. Thank you for hosting a fun contest !!

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