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updated Apr 21, 2014 09:56AM
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Erinn Batykefer
Hello West Side Stories fans!

Don't forget that this week we'll be discussing A Visit from the Goon Squadby Jennifer Egan on THURSDAY APRIL 24 at 6:30!

As usual, we'll be meeting at Barriques on Old Sauk road, and our Friends Group will be buying drinks!... ...more
updated Apr 04, 2014 07:19AM
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Erinn Batykefer
When I started this one, the chapters really threw me because each one was different-- I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be paying attention to. But once I read Egan's idea of A Visit from the Goon Squadas a concept album, I had MUCH more fun-- check... ...more
updated Feb 04, 2014 11:25PM
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Yeah. I don't think I know of enough actors in the 24-25 year old age range. Also known as "boys that I could have babysat when I was in college." ...more
updated Jan 25, 2014 08:32AM
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Tracy Reilly
Ellen wrote: "Jennifer, How could you not include the pause in DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN by Lee Michaels. (1971) in your PPT chapter?"

Good one! But, can't have everything!!)) ...more
updated Jan 09, 2014 01:10PM
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Marc Nash
pleasure guys ...more
updated Dec 16, 2013 02:18PM
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Kamil wrote: "I know and I have already done that:)..."

I noticed! You're on the ball. :) ...more
updated Sep 06, 2013 09:51AM
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N Khan
We are reading Jennifer Egan's Pullitzer winner A Visit From The Goon Squad. We will be meeting again at Patrick Henry's Pub and Grille in Church Hill. ...more
updated Aug 31, 2013 04:01PM
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Jessica Ipnar
[Book #69, Quarterly and Monthly Challenges]

Whew - 5th Pulitzer Prize Winner this month - I didn't think I'd get it in.

A Visit from the Goon Squad was interesting. Over all I liked it, but it was hard to follow at times. Each chapter is from the point o... ...more
updated Aug 04, 2013 08:18PM
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Chantal E. wrote: "Sadly, I was never able to get the book from my library, even though they said they had it on hold for me =( Next book I might buy used off of amazon depending on price and availability at my libra..."

Aw Chantal, I'm sorry you couldn'... ...more
updated Aug 04, 2013 05:58PM
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I enjoyed the second person narration. I think that it showed how critical he was of himself. It was as though while he was going through his life, he had a ball of insecurity sitting on his shoulder, telling him how poorly his life was going instead of... ...more
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