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Welcome to the Independent Book Blogger Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 Independent Book Blogger Awards!

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Blogs: Young Adult & Children's Showing 308 blogs in this category.


The Library Of Minds

by Ms. Library |

You'll find reviews, quotes, and daily thoughts about reading here. I focus on fantasy and YA lit mainly, but there is also literary fiction and non-fiction sprinkled throughout the blog as well.


Mind of an Entertainment Junkie

by Arielle |

everyone has something to say about... well everything. This is a look into how my mind takes in all that entertains me in the entertainment community.


Epic Book Nerd

by Kara |

My blog is a record of what books young adult and middle grade books I have read and my opinion those books. I'm weird, goofy, and a total book nerd.


Fyrekatz Productions

by Fyre.Katz |

I review books that I currently pick up and read. Most are Young Adult, some adult. I almost review movies and other things there! It started as a regular blog also.


Paper Dreams

by Nicci |

Paper Dreams is a book blog focusing mainly on Young Adult literature. It features a variety of genres from fantasy and paranormal to contemporary and the occassional historical novel. Paper Dreams has been active since January 2011.


Proud Book Nerd

by Heather |

I actually read an eclectic variety of books, including adult and YA. I chose general YA, but often do read a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy. My primary focus is to post reviews. I have Authors from A to Z in June, showcasing favorite authors.


Confessions of a Bookaholic

by Jessica |

A YA book blog that focuses on spreading the word about new and old YA novels. I review traditionally published and self-published novels, as well as host author interviews and promotions, along with special events on important young adult topics.


Watercolor Moods

by Kaye |

I'm a late-teens Muslim girl who juggles a lot of hats and reads a lot of books. Currently, I am acting librarian for a local private school (while still working towards my MLS) and working towards publication as a YA author. I love tea.


Magical Urban Fantasy Reads

by Mindy |

I an obsessive reader AND I love to gush about books!!! I primarily read YA, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Dystopia, Post-apocalyptic & Sci-Fi. I have a serious problem with falling in love with fictional characters.


the excelsior file

by David |

children's literature reviews, mostly. occasional thoughts, commentary, and whatever else fits the kidlit bill. i read both old and new books, everything from picture books to young adult. and when i can, i'm writing books of my own.