The Cartel 3: The Last Chapter
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The Cartel 3: The Last Chapter (The Cartel Series #3)

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The Cartel has come full circle with this fast-paced, groundbreaking novel, the finale to the hit series by New York Times bestsellers Ashley & JaQuavis. Miamor is fighting for her life in the belly of the beast. She's been kidnapped, and she's staring death in the eye. Is the reign over for the head of the Murda Mamas? Carter is in federal custody and leaves the Diamo...more
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Published July 31st 2006 by Urban Books
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The highly anticipated Cartel 3 begins with a glimpse of the funeral of the remaining Diamond siblings, Breeze, Carter, and Mecca. It then quickly whisks us back in time to play out the events that lead to that somber day. Miamor remains trapped in the basement of torture, bound to a chair and beaten half to death. Fabian is still trying with all of his might to break her mentally but he just can't seem to get the best of her. Miamor is barely clinging to life, yet she refuses to apologize or be...more
I can see why a lot of people were dissapointed with this book. The 2nd book was just so amazing, and I really could have been satisfied if that was the ending. A lot of things did irk me, after Miamor's dream in part 2 I was upset that she was killed so quickly. I really wanted to see her and Carter have their happy ending. There was so much death in the book but I didn't see the need for everyone to die at the end. Breeze and Zy should have gotten married and the book should have ended. Why Ca...more
Lesa Jones
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Did not see any of this coming! Throughout this whole book I fell in love with Young Carter. Still loved him in the end. I hated Mecca throughout the whole book, but gained a little respect for him in the end. A little too late, but nonetheless I respected his game. Miamour-love her. I think she represents a woman in that game well. I have mad respect for her. She took death like a woman. She knew she had to much blood her hands and one day karma was going to come back hard on her. She didnt beg...more
I wasn't sure I wanted to read it after part 2 but I did. Although I wanted a happy ending, I don't think that would be realistic based on the kind of life they led. I think the authors definitely left room for a part 4. We'll see!!
Family is very important to the Diamond family but at the same time they are not loyal to each other at all. Everything that happens in previous books eventually catches up each character in this book. In Cartel 2 Breeze gets kidnapped by Mate when she was just about to lose her virginity to someone she was not suppose to be talking to . One of the Diamond brothers conscience is eating him up he cant live with him self any longer knowing what shame he has brought to his family. Both Diamond pare...more
Couldnt wait to finish this book as the entire Diamond family had me so curious.. each and every one of them has their own interesting story that a whole book could have been written on so for the authors to be able to condense all of that into a quick less than three hundred page read I commend them as I truly enjoyed their trilogy--as a duo too kudos....As a stand alone novel I may have been disappointed as you jump right in straight no chaser.. but as a continuation of the other two page turn...more
Where do i start. Okay this book pissed me completely off. Thats how upset I was with this book. Ashley&Jaquavis are beginning to start a little trend that i do not like and thats killing off everybody in every book,i mean you cant call it a twist when everybody knows the twist is death***SPOILER ALERT*** I truly wanted at least Breeze and Zyir to survive in the end i loved them two. And i hated that Miamor was supposedly killed so early, i mean really, why though? I was mad just because i f...more
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This book was a nice ending to the Cartel Series. I really enjoyed it, it had my emotions going crazy because the drama was never ending, I almost cried when I got the part of the funeral, I was relieved to find out they were alive and well, then the deaths of Mecca,Breeze,and Zyir saddened me, I was looking forward to a happy ending.....Great Read.
What a good read. One of the better 3rd book of triliogy that I have read in a long time.

Had it's sad parts and definately all the drama of the first two.

Is it really over or is it true what they say...."Diamonds are Forever"?

Thanks Ashley & Jaquavis.
Wow, I enjoyed this series very much. Again the authors don't believe in happy endings but they did leave a slight possibility of something happening for carter.
TriVonda Mines
It actually made me cry....
The Cartel 3 started with a bang, and ended with a BOOM! I was reading this book like it was my last meal, it was that good! What I really like about the series, is that they aren't the typical type of drug dealers; they go through drama not just with outsiders, but within the family as well. They have problems that no amount of money can fix; it adds a deeper layer to the characters, and makes them softer. You find yourself not liking a character at first, but then you find your heart feeling f...more
Wow!! Ive been with this series since the beginning and its really good. i feel like in the final chapter the book was a lil bit rushed. everything happened soo fast. I love Carter Jones he is definitly a boss of high standard. i have a love/hate thang for mecca, he made alot of poor decisions but he seeked redemption at the end it was just too late by then. with everything that Breeze had went thru while being the innocent one in the whole book series i feel that her and zyir deserved a happily...more
I wanted to read this ASAP and was lucky enough to find it so quickly at my local library. In my last review for this series I was very disappointed in the second book. I am giving this book 5 stars because it def made up for whatever that was (*referring to The Cartel 2). I was happy that there was finally hope and that the story was getting back on track but some things I did not get, for instance, the Miamor situation, Illiana's character annoyed the hell out of me, and how the ending went do...more
Aubriel Monea'
So far this book is very interesting. I have already read part one and two of the Cartel series. I dont think that this particular book is the best in the series but its still a pretty good book. So far i have read that Carter has been still on his game while he was in prison. Mecca and Fabian have tourterd and killed Miamor. I was really disgusted with Mecca when i found out that he chopped up Miamor and left her to rot. I also found out that the Diamond Cartel formed an agreement with the Graz...more
I decided to wait to read this book since closer to the release date of part 4. I'm so glad that I did because I would have been pissed of I would have had to wait a couple of years until the next installment. Like the previous books in the Cartel series, this book was a definite page turner. In fact I felt like reading part 2 was absolutely pointless since this one started from where part 1 left off. There was non stop drama and action. Carter is still the man, Mecca pulled at my heart strings...more
All three books were amazing. Just finished the 3rd book and it almost left me in tears because I didn't want it to end, but again I was sad at how it ended.. I wish Breeze and Zyir could have had they're happy ending! I'm in love with Carter's character I wish he and Miamor had the chance to make somethin happen before she died so early on.. Mecca, I dont know what to say about that boy I gained so much respect for him towards the end, Not sure why my man Carter took him out like that.. Buut he...more
I love Ash and J but damn can we ever get a happy ending...ugh I hate that Carter is all alone now no family no homies..wth.! N I loved the way Mecca change his life around so proud of him. I honestly felt like Carter should've let him live it was a little too late too kill him wen he did he was a changed man. Estes is a trip how u gone want Mecca died for killing Monroe but yo old ass tryna bang Leena there's no LOYALTY anywhere. Miamor died way to soon even if she got to have a final word wit...more
OMG I'am speechless. How can one family have that much bad luck. It is ridiculous. It was a really good read. It goes to show when you change your life everything you do comes back to bit you in the ass. I read all three books in a day i havent did that in a minute. I cant really trust the ending knowing how they write. You can say what you want about Mecca the is a beast you hate him and love him at the same time. I really love Carter i wanted him have something great because he was by his self...more
Omg they really make you have to read the next book this one I loved but it left me with alot of questions I can't wait to read The Cartel 4. My heart went out to Breeze I don't feel she deserved anything she had to endure but I'm glad she survived it all. I'm so mad that Mecca killed Miamor but in a way a very small way I guess I understood it. I kinda feel bad for Murder for the lobe he lost but I feel worse for Carter for him knowing the whole truth. I'm glad Breeze and Zyir got married but I...more
Chanti Cranston
Love it

Loved it! the entire sequel should be a movie. I can't wait until I read the next one, it's going to be as good as the last three
Wow, this was a good book. I must say I am a bit upset at the way it ended I was really rooting for their happy ending.. It was quite disappointing almost maked me not wanna read the 4th sequel. I sympathised with breezes story. And even tho this book is a work of fiction human trafficking is real and young girls are thrown into modern day slavery disappearing into thin air never to be seen again, living a life of horror while their families live on in their's.. It's just heart breaking. althoug...more
Sandra Atueyi

I just finish reading the Cartel 3- The Last Chapter by Ashley and JaQuavis . The Last Chapter is good, funny and interest book to read because it's deal with a lot of drama, murder, betrayal, lies and lust. I felt bad how is Miamor ended up from alive to die. I'm sorry for what's happen to Breeze because she's been kidnapped and raped by Ma'tee. I'm happy that Young Carter finds his sister (Breeze) from junkies house in Mexico. This author did a good job to put out this book. This book and aut...more
Donisha Murdock
I only give this book 5 stars because it was so good and i couldnt put it down and thats the kind of books i live for. But this made me so mad and the end made no sense. part 4 says Breeze survived yet at the end of 3 the family had a so called dinner meeting in heaven and breeze was there. If they were going to write a 4 they should have at least given the readers some what of a happy ending and left Breeze out of the heaven seen! That was stupid to me but i aint trippin. It was still a good bo...more
Today January 15 I just finished The Cartel 3! I give this book 5 stars because it was good from start to finish. The Diamond family went thru so much. Carter Young was a strong man and he was just like his father. I was happy they finally located Breeze but I hated that she endured so much. She did not deserve that type of life. I hated that Carter killed Mecca o wanted them to get past Miamor's death because Mecca was becoming a changed man. I can't wait to read 4 now so I can see what the out...more
Mariah Mays
well all I can say is what come around goes around

This book was dynamic. It was action packed, suspenseful and full of intrigue. This book got down and dirty and left nothing to be desired. I actually skipped the second book but did not miss a beat when I picked up this installment. This story is masterful and the young writers or incredible. This book is about Karma at it's finest.

Even if you are not into this type of genre if you love a great book I would definitely recommend picking up the series.
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Ashley Antoinette Snell writes as Ashley Antoinette and (with JaQuavis Coleman) as "Ashley & JaQuavis".

Born in Flint, Michigan, Ashley Antoinette Snell and JaQuavis Coleman have survived the tumultuous streets finding their way to literary fame. At only 20 and 21, both Ashley and JaQuavis are in their third year of college balancing a full class load along with a demanding writing schedule, bu...more
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