Die Identität
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Die Identität

3.66 of 5 stars 3.66  ·  rating details  ·  9,643 ratings  ·  454 reviews
Was macht unsere Persönlichkeit aus? Wann spielen wir welche Rolle und gibt es die magischen Augenblicke, in denen sich unsere Identität entwickelt? Diesen Fragen geht Milan Kundera in seinem neuen Roman nach.

Chantal, zum zweiten Mal verheiratet, hat in ihrer ersten Ehe ihren Sohn verloren und sucht jetzt bei Jean-Marc Rückhalt. Eines Tages stellt sie erstaunt fest, daß d

Paperback, 162 pages
Published October 21st 2000 by Fischer (Tb.), Frankfurt (first published January 1st 1998)
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Whenever I'm at a loss for what to read next and don't want to take any risks, I reread either Vonnegut, Murakami, or Kundera. I've probably read this book five times, but I love him so I don't care.


You know, maybe it's that old problem of how sometimes with really distinctive authors, all their works sort of blur together retroactively, but wow. Only the first like twenty pages seemed familiar to me, even though I am sure I've read this several times before. The whole last third, where ever...more
Mashael Alamri
لي عودة :)

وها قد عدت:

"لا تستطيعين قياس المحبة المتبادلة بين كائنين بشريين بعدد الكلمات التي يتبادلانها, الأمر بكل بساطة هو أ ن رأسيهما فارغان وربما كانا يرفضان -عن لباقة- أن يتحادثا لأنه ليس لديهما ما يقال. "

لا أكتفي من الروايات القصيرة مع كونديرا, كنت أقرأ بنهم وبطريقة سريعة أبحث بها عن نقطة توقف لالتقاط أنفاسي والتفكير, لكن القراءة عمل عقلي لا مجال معه للتوقف خصوصا مع العبقرية التي تجبرنا على الحياة داخل الرواية والتفكير داخلها واستخدام منطق شخصياتها.
" شانتيل" تبحث عن أناها, لم تعد تتعرف عليه...more
Per comprendere e spiegare come sia possibile che un bambino impari tante nuove parole in poco tempo, nella seconda metà del Novecento alcuni linguisti ipotizzarono che i lessemi (le unità minime che costituiscono il lessico di una lingua dal punto di vista del contenuto) potessero essere scomposti in tratti; che il loro significato fosse scomponibile in attributi. Quindi, ad esempio, io Giulia sarei:

[+animata] [+umana]

E, allo stesso tempo:

[+animata] [- animale]

Dunque il bambino, una volta che s...more
Farris Johnson
With this book, Kundera has officially cemented himself as my favorite author. Why? Certainly not plot, in fact I find his novels lacking in "plot." I thought I enjoyed his playfulness with politics, art, philosophy, etc - however that cannot be the central element because many novels play with these thoughts and I've found them to be self-indulgent. Through this novel I am given a greater insight into my affection for him: with a precision unlike any other author, I have found Kundera able to a...more
Samar Ahmad
أعطوني نجمة سادسة يا سادة !

لي عودة -بإذن الله - ؛

عدت :D

هذه الرواية أكبر من الكلام، للشعور فقط..لكني سأتكلم ..

يصف كونيدرا التفتت القاسي لليقين، ذلك النوع من السرطان النامي الذي يهاجم النفس والجسد في وقت واحد، يأكل الحواجز بين الماضي والحاضر، يضلل النوايا، يزيّف معنى الكلمات، يشطر أكثر المظاهر بساطةً، يقلب الحقائق مثل قفازاتٍ ويحولها إلى خداع.
هذا ما قاله بيبر لوباب وكُتب في ظهر الرواية.
أما عن أحداث الرواية فهي تبدأ برسائل مجهولة تصل لـ "شانتيال" ولا تدري من أين تصلها، وفي رحلة الفهم والبحث...more
This small gripping novel is the story of two lovers, Jean-Marc and Chantal. It moves from one to the other, following assumptions, emotions, beliefs and ideas - some shared, but mostly held in secret. It's about being seen, and about how we see each other. Identity is not fixed but is drawn from the mirrors around us.

One of the messages of this novel is that, in order to love, you need to be certain that you know who the other person is. Once you start to doubt your lover's identity, love is e...more
I was SORELY disappointed in this book, and it marked the end of the road for me and Kundera. Not only was this book significantly shorter than his others, the story line was just unsatisfying (perhaps because it was too short to be adequately developed?). Also, I felt like it was a recycled story -- same old themes, but nothing new to keep it fresh. Kundera definitely phoned it in on this one.
What is Identity?

Our identity is the way we dress, we express, we are shown to this world. What about other self that lives in us? This identity which strives us to improve ourselves, craves us for love and so many other things that make what we are.

Where is our Identity? Is it lies what we do? Do the emotions define our Identity? Why one’s Identity necessary to define the person?

As kid we have an Identity is totally different from the Identity while we are growing up. In teenage, we have anothe...more
Amir Mojiry
Jul 20, 2013 Amir Mojiry rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Amir by: Hasti Javadi
Shelves: story
اولین چیزی که در کتاب توجهم را جلب می کند، نامی است که از مترجم روی جلد آمده است: «دکتر پرویز همایون پور». از این که نام نویسنده با پسوند و القاب روی جلد کتاب نوشته شود، بدم می آید. حس می کنم دارد فخرفروشی می کند. و پیشاپیش می خواهد توی کله ی ما فرو کند که «هی! مواظب باش! من خیلی آدم خفنی هستم!» همین باعث می شود در ادامه ی خواندن کتاب، نگاه نقادانه ام را تند و تیزتر کنم.
یکی از چیزهایی که از همان ابتدا عجیب است، عوض شدن زمان فعل هاست. از مضارع به ماضی. و علت عوض شدن این زمان ها را تا پایان کار هم...more

يبدو أنه من لازم كل من عاش بين حضارتين أو مجتمعين أن يطرح على نفسه سؤال الهوية، من أنا؟ إلى المجتمعين أنتمي؟ القديم أم الجديد؟ رأينا كيف يتغلغل هذا السؤال لدى أمين معلوف مثلا ً، هنا، لدى ميلان كونديرا، التشيكي – الفرنسي، سؤال الهوية ليس معنيا ً بالشخص مقابل المجتمع، وإنما هو معني بالشخص أمام المحيطين به، أمام ذاته.

في هذه الرواية القصيرة – وجل أعمال كونديرا الأخيرة كذلك -، يتناول كونديرا قصة شانتال وجان مارك، حبيبين يعيشان كزوجين، حياتهما تبدو سعيدة، وكلاهما متعلق بالآخر، ومن خلال مواقف ص...more
Lovely story..excellently written. Story of two lovers, Chantal and Jean-Marc..two people sharing intimate moments, hopes, dreams...until..doubt comes into picture! Chantal..oh..Chantal, I really couldn't get much into her character. I did try to understand her battle against aging, her wish once again to invoke desire, to be wanted with lust...But, despite my efforts I couldn't quite understand her. Jean-Marc truly loves her...yet, his comments and "I love you endlessly" look in his eyes every...more
A great novelist is like a gypsy fortune teller, one whose wisdom and prophecies and rich tales are enhanced by the palpable rasp of the voice and the heat of her garlic breath in your face. In this book, Kundera is more like one of those mechanical gypsy automatons behind glass that dispenses wisdom from the hand of a hollow machine.

In Identity, Kundera offers much food for thought on the nature of personal identity; what we think of ourselves and what others think of us; and what social, envir...more
Milan Kundera and I are both April fools, so I have always felt a sense of kinship with him. I do not know if April Fool's Day is "celebrated" in the Czech Republic, but I pretend that it is and that he, too, endured fake cakes and tricks as a child.

Kundera is best known for the beautifully titled "Unbearable Lightness of Being." This book is similar in that it explores human relationships but it's also very different.

Kundera has lived in France for many years and this book feels French... it f...more
حتی در شکم مادرت، که می‌گویند مقدس است، در امان نیستی. از تو فیلم برمی‌دارند، جاسوسی‌ات را می‌کنند، می‌خواهند همه‌ی کارهایت را ببینند. این را همه می‌دانند که از دست آنان جان سالم به‌در نخواهی برد. اما، حتی پیش از تولدت هم نمی‌توانی از دستشان بگریزی، همچنان‌که پس از مرگت در چنگ آنان خواهی بود.‏
Melalui novel ini akhirnya saya mengenal Milan Kundera, sebuah nama yang sering saya dengar, dan novel-novelnya yang sering mendapat pujian .
Sulit menceritakan kembali isi novel ini, karena bagi saya bukan saja kisah mengenai Jean Marc dan Chantal saja yang menjadi plot dalam kisah ini, akan tetapi gagasan-gagasan tentang identitas kita, kekhawatiran menjadi tua, hakikat hidup dan cinta yang menarik.

“Lelaki tidak lagi menoleh kepadaku”,

Demikian suatu hari Chantal berujar. Hal yang sederhana d...more
I want to give this book four stars because it unfolds so smoothly and the themes resonate with modern Western societies idiosyncratic ideas of personhood and community. But, the reality is that Kundera overreaches here, and his storytelling suffers because of it.

The omniscient narration that makes The Unbearable Lightness of Being and The Book of Laughter and Forgetting so compelling, falls flat here, making the characters themselves seem like cardboard cutouts. Is this part of his point, that...more
Kartik Sharma
Wonderfully thought provoking, typical of Milan Kundera's writing. A small yet powerful novella packed with questions over how we define our identity and what determines who we are. When the foundations of how we perceive and define ourselves begin to shake, Kundera suggests a chaos is bound to ensue. His depiction of theorizing, thinking and non-conforming characters captures the rationale behind that chaos brilliantly.

That's for the 3 stars.

The remaining 2 stars, no matter how much it hurts me...more
Heidihoo Watson
Jul 27, 2012 Heidihoo Watson rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Women and men
I finished this book and immediately began to re-read it. It is a beautiful, romantic, passionate, sad, honest observation of love and the fact that no matter how much we love someone or think we know someone, we are only able to know and therefore love what the other person allows us to see. Kundera's insight into the fear and loneliness of the psyche of an aging woman is spot-on and a bit unsettling on how he put into words precisely how this reader is beginning to experience those exact emoti...more
Zachary Karabashliev
A darkly erotic, strange, distant, yet moving portrait of a couple on the verge of losing the common ground of what brought them together - love. A meditation on the nature of self, love, God. A very short novel.
Niloofar Haidari
اولين ميلان كوندرايي بود كه ميخوندم و حالا دلم ميخاد كارهاي بيشتري ازش بخونم . ظاهرا كوندرا خوندن ذهن آدم رو باز ميكنه . طوري با فلسفه و منطق توي جملاتش بازي ميكنه كه تو يادت مياد همه ي اين درگيري هاي ذهني رو هميشه تا چه حد داري ولي با بيان نكردنشون اون ها رو از ياد ميبري . و حالا با خوندن همه ي اون ها دوباره ذهنت روشن ميشه . و اين خيلي عالي و لذت بخشه .
طوري كه ميلان كوندرا از مفاهيم فلسفي جلوه ميسازه برام واقعا لذت بخشه . مثلا ملال ! دسته بنديش ميكنه . تشريحش ميكنه وتو تازه يادت مياد يك همچين...more
Caroline Alicia
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
وقتی ژان مارک برای شانتال از مفهوم دوست سخن می گوید، کیفیت دوستی را در روزگار ما اسف انگیز می داند:«آنچه من همواره، از اوان جوانی، شاید از زمان کودکیم، آرزو می کردم کاملا چیز دیگری بوده است: دوستی باید ارزشی والاتر از همه ارزشهای دیگر داشته باشد»، همچنانکه قهرمانان رمان الکساندردوما «دوستی شان را برتر از حقیقیت و مصلحت، برتر از اوامر مافوق، برتر از شاه و ملکه، و برتر از همه کس و همه چیز» می دانستند. و از آنجا که در روزگار ما دوستی از محتوای اصیل پیشین خود تهی شده است، هرگز نباید «از دوست چیزی بخ...more
El Habib Louai
Identity by Milan Kundera was the first books that I read for this great writer. Together with it I enjoyed the persisting presence of existential thoughts in other novels such as The Joke and the Unbearable Lightness of Being. In Identity as the title itself shows the writer tried to lead us involuntarily to the fact that many things which seem to us natural and out of question might turn into somthing totally unkown and whimsical. The relatioship between the two major charcaters in this novel...more
کوندرا را به این دلیل بسیار دوست دارم که مرا در چهارچوب بسته ی یک روایت زندانی نمی کند. خواندن کوندرا مثل این است که دوستی را پس از سال ها در یک کافه ملاقات کنید و در حالی که به قصه ی روزگار رفته ی او گوش می دهید، قهوه تان را می نوشید، به موسیقی که از بلندگوی کافه پخش می شود، گوش می کنید، گهگاه متوجه ی صحبت ها و خنده هایی از میزهای کناری می شوید، صدای عبور و مرور خیابان در پس پشت این همه جاری ست، دوره گردی چیزی می فروشد، عبور تراموای، و همه چیز، درست مثل خود زندگی، ...
I like Kundera because he d...more

داستان كتاب ماجراي زندگي شانتال وژان مارك زمينه ي رويدادهاي آخرين رمان كوندراست . آنها يكديگر را دوست دارند ، شريك زندگي يكديگرند وجهاني را كه نمي پسندندتنها در پرتو عشق خويش تاب مي آورند.
شانتال در واقع يگانه پيوند عاطفي ژان مارك با جهان است و هيچكس به جز شانتال نمي تواند او را از حالت بي اعتناي برهاند. و تنها به واسطه اوست و به خاطر اوست كه به جهان مي نگرد . شانتال نيز از نخستين لحظه ي ديدار شيفته ي ژان مارك شده است.
ژان مارك درباره هويت شانتال دچار ترديد مي شود.
زندگي آنهاذسرانجام به گونه اي نام...more
Kareem Mohmed
ما الهوية؟
هي الشيء الذي يشبه مدة ما يكون الجفن مفتوحًا حتى يمسح العين ، وهكذا دواليك.
تستطيع أن تثبت لك هذه الرواية سخف فكرة الهوية ، فنحن لا نتشكل ، لأننا لا نملك ذواتنا بالأساس !
قادرة هذه الرواية أن تضعك في مهب نفسك ، تنظر لشرحك الذي لن يلتئم ، وتحادث ذلك الواقع اللاواقعي فيك.
Ali Gilani
The book Identity explored what goes in the minds of individuals who’re a couple. How differently they think, how differently they perceive each other’s words, actions, expressions, even flushing. The book is layered and it is up for multiple readings, and in those multiple readings one will discover every time a new feeling that is connected with the narrative. Fear of losing the person you love is the chief one. And dreams that reiterate that feeling when you keep forgetting it. It is also a s...more
Banan fahed
اول تجاربي مع كونديرا ، و نعم عبقري بالتوصيف و الدخول في المتهات و الدوائر ، و يقرأ له مرة ثانية و ثالثة
Where the mind is without the man
there ends this dream
Read it to see where it begins.
Mi trovavo nella biblioteca comunale della mia città,con una lista di venti libri in mano,nessuno dei quali presente e/o disponibile .(credo che nei prossimi mesi farò INGENTI donazioni a quei poverini)
L'unico che avesse vagamente a che fare con la mia lista era questo libricino di Kundera (di cui avrei voluto leggere L'insostenibile leggerezza dell'essere,ndr). Le scarse duecento pagine di questo bignami mi sono scivolate dentro senza che nemmeno me ne accorgessi,piene di riflessioni esistenzia...more
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Milan Kundera is a Czech and French writer of Czech origin who has lived in exile in France since 1975, where he became a naturalized citizen in 1981. He is best known as the author of The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, and The Joke.

Kundera has written in both Czech and French. He revises the French translations of all his books; these therefore are not conside...more
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The Unbearable Lightness of Being The Book of Laughter and Forgetting Immortality The Joke Laughable Loves

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