Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled
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Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled

3.35 of 5 stars 3.35  ·  rating details  ·  178 ratings  ·  111 reviews
BESTFRIENDS. FIRST LOVE. SECRETS. Handsome, New York City, Beatles-music-obsessed prep school graduate, Colin falls for wild child Jasmine from Laguna Beach, California in this college love story. Green eyes, high cheekbones, long blond hair. Colin thinks she's beautiful.

Once they begin dating Colin finds himself madly in love with Jasmine, believes he has met "the one" a...more
Kindle Edition, 259 pages
Published December 15th 2010 by CreateSpace
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Aug 19, 2011 Charity rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: the blind (lucky bastards)
Shelves: suckass
*** Warning: The following review contains references to sex. Not good sex, mind you, but still, sex. ***

0 Stars, actually.

While it is never very pleasant to write a bad review, it even less pleasant to read a bad book. And this book is the WORST book I've ever read!

All other books are masterpieces in comparison. Horrible writing. Horrible characters. Horrible dialogue. Horrible plot line. Horrible layout. There really was NOTHING redeemable about this book at all. I would read excerpts to my h...more
Emily May
Many thanks to Goodreads first reads programme and the author - Bert Murray - for providing this book free for review.

I feel somewhat guilty that my review can't be more positive when I received such a nice message from the author requesting that I review this book. I wanted to come back with nothing but praise and compliments and declare it an undiscovered masterpiece... but I also think it's my job to review honestly and that's what you're going to get from me.

It's a very easy book to read, le...more
Literary  Chanteuse
I loved the humor and throw back to the 80's in this book. It was an easy and enjoyable read. I liked a lot of the creative characters that I'm sure most people have encountered at one time or another. In my opinion Colin definitely rocked and rolled!
Barks & Bites
I’m unfortunately going to have to mark this one as a DNF. I’m at the halfway point and it just isn’t working for me. The writing is breezy but I’m not finding any of the characters engaging enough to continue and I'm getting increasingly frustrated at the fact that although Jasmine is stunningly gorgeous there is very little to love about her personality. Also, though it is set in the 80’s, the characters feel more like they belong in the 1970’s. As a child of the 80's I was expecting something...more
Anthony Chavez
I'm considering this a Goodreads First Reads book as Bert Murray sent me the book to review. Colin Preston is a great character who has many layers, Murray writes him real to life, a college kid struggling to find himself, still undeclared and figuring out his true passions, fighting with his dad, feeling misunderstood and at times embarrassed by them, really trying to hash out his path, found out what to love. The one constant throughout the book is his love of the Beatles and Lennon specifical...more
Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
I read a review of Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled on Booked Up and left a comment that prompted the author to contact me to request a review for his book. The premise appealed because I am a huge Beatles fan as well as having a soft spot for the 80's so I added it to my crowded schedule.

The protagonist, nineteen year old college student, Colin Preston, confronts some serious issues including drug use, relationship breakdown, mental illness and academic pressure during his first year on campus....more
Vone Savan
As human beings, we often want things that we can’t have. In the novel, Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled by Bert Murray, that again, is sadly the case.

In 1985, Colin Preston, an amiable—but not completely atypical—nineteen-year-old college student, goes to fictional Elerby University in upstate New York. There he meets Jasmine, a tumultuous wild child, who he falls madly in love with. Through their eventual relationship, Colin experiences challenges with infidelity, self-worth, and his sanity.

A coming-of-age novel set after the early teenage years when most coming-of-age novels are set, Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled by Bert Murray is a touching slice of life story during the title character's first semester of his sophomore year at Elerby University.

Colin himself is a typical nice guy who is obsessed with classic rock. He meets Jasmine, a girl who he falls head over heels for and believes she is his soul mate, despite being warned by several friends that she is going to be trouble....more
Wow there is a lot to say about what I found within the front and back cover of this book. Let me start with the positive. What earned the rating of "one star" were the final two words of this story...The End. That simple phrase was the sole reason for a "one star" rating. Beyond that the rest of the book would get nothing.

This simply may have been the most poorly written book I have ever read. At page 42 I had already begun calculating the number of pages left in the book and after another 40 p...more
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Colin Preston, a 19 year old college student, falls fast in love with a girl named Jasmine. He feels like he can talk to her about anything, that she is his soul mate, that they are meant for each other.
He fails to see that maybe she doesn't feel the same way back. Jasmine is his first love and becomes obsessed with her in the way that lovers sometimes do, refusing to see faults, and wearing rose colored glasses. Jasmine is defensive, moody, self absorbed, and most likely confused as to what sh...more
Kitty Bullard

I had been trying to get a copy of this book since March and finally received one in early June. I can honestly say that it was well worth the wait! This book is a story of coming of age, learning your true self, and realizing that first loves don't always last. It's also a story about deception and betrayal and how selfish people can be, but it's also about realizing this is not the end of the world and you can move on and be alright.

Colin Preston...more
Colin Preston, a 19 year old college student, falls fast in love with a girl named Jasmine. He feels like he can talk to her about anything, that she is his soul mate, that they are meant for each other.
He fails to see that maybe she doesn't feel the same way back. Jasmine is his first love and becomes obsessed with her in the way that lovers sometimes do, refusing to see faults, and wearing rose colored glasses. Jasmine is defensive, moody, self absorbed, and most likely confused as to what sh...more
The first half was intriguing. The premise was sound, but I couldnt understand why there had to be so many chapter breaks between character's lines! Didn't chapters usually signal change of location, or different characters interacting with the main character? I got so tired of it I skipped to the end and made my way backwards, even skipping a few chapters in between. Storywise however I felt it was well done, if not a little suspect. Probably better geared towards a lovesick twenty-something ro...more
*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

I think this is the kind of book you will either love or hate. Fortunately, I loved it. I can understand how some people just won't "get" this story. A lot of the writing seemed a bit immature, but it was written in Colin's voice and let's face it, Colin is really immature. He has no idea who he really is but doesn't realize it. He gets so head over heels hooked on Jasmine from the very beginning that he doesn't see...more
I think I have an unspoken rule that if a character in a book I am reading is a Beatles fan, I'm going to like that character...and probably the whole book. This was definitely the case for Colin Preston. Despite the fact that there was a lot of things I didn't like about Colin, I couldn't help but get swept up in his story. I think everyone has a story of the one that got away, the one guy or girl that you dated (or even married) who eventually broke up with you and temporarily destroyed you. I...more
This book caught my attention from the title and cover alone. I was glad that I received the chance to read this book. Colin, a college sophomore, has to deal with the many issues of life: family, friends, and relationships. I would recommend this book to others.
I love timed pieces and always a little more biased to them than books written in current time. The 1980s and 90s are some of my favorites. This novel takes place in the 80s and as with others was no exception to me enjoying going back into time!

The novel is written from a male’s POV, which is different for NA, reads. Colin, the protagonist narrates in a way that seems like normal conversation. It doesn’t feel like it’s adult telling a story but a young adult (that’s a good thing).

To an extent,...more
Jen Selinsky
"Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled" is the story of nineteen-year-old college sophomore, Colin Preston. It is fall 1985, and Colin has started his second year of classes at Elerby University. Bored with the monotony of his everyday life, Colin wants things to chance. His wish comes true when he meets and falls instantly in love with the beautiful Jasmine. The two of them begin a whirlwind romance, and despite their differences, (one being that Colin is a Beatles fan and that Jasmine likes Jim Morr...more
First off, thank you to Mr. Murray for sending me a copy to review!

This book was a pretty quick read. What actually slowed me down a bit was stopping to listen to the referenced songs. I'll admit I am not the biggest Beatles fan but taking the time to listen as I went through the book did help to get me more into Colin's head. That did a lot to increase my enjoyment of the book. If you're not familiar with music from the '60s, the frequent references may prove to be a bit of a stumbling block.

Cate (The Professional Fangirl)
This is a Reading Good Books review.

The year was 1985. Madonna was making waves up and down the Top 40 charts. The Bee Gees were ‘staying alive’. Colin Preston was in his sophomore year at Elerby University; the toughest period in his life.

I remember seeing this book again and again in various giveaways from GoodReads and LibraryThing and I never won it. Until the author directly contacted me and graciously offered to provide a copy of the book for review. I received this book in the mail befor...more
Karen Fowler
Reading this book made me realize that it has been a very long time since I've read a book with a youngish male narrator. Sure, I've read some James Patterson, but those don't really count, as his stories are less about characters and more about suspenseful plots. This book, Colin Preston Rocked and Rolledis male-character-driven, and I found the change out of my norm refreshing.

Boiled down to basics, it was the story of a young man, adrift during his first year of college for various reasons I...more
Jennifer Defoy
Colin Preston is a bit of an outcast in this book. He doesn't really fit in anywhere, which I think is why I liked him so much. It's not so much that he doesn't care about what other people think about him it's more that he's just so different from everyone else. He loves the Beatles - their music comes up quite a bit throughout the story. It was interested for me to see how he connected to the music so much. It seemed like when he couldn't connect to anything else, the Beatles were there for hi...more
Karen M
We meet Colin Preston who seems to be a normal nineteen year old college student with the perfect girlfriend and a great best friend. He's goodlooking but his best friend is better looking. His girlfriend is a bit quirky but gorgeous. Perfect, right? Couldn't be more wrong!

We follow Colin through the heights of being in love only to quickly descend to the depths of being dumped by his girlfriend who immediately ends up in bed with his best friend. Hey, for nineteen this is a tragedy.

Colin immedi...more
Thank you to Mr. Murray and the Goodreads first reads giveaway for my copy of this book!

Colin Preston is a quick read. Everything happens so fast that sometimes I was wondering what exactly was going on, and I had to go back a couple of pages to get the full gist of the situation. That being said, once I got used to the writing style, I fully enjoyed this novel. It definitely reminded me of the college experience, where drama was abound and events such as stealing someone else's boyfriend were c...more
Jul 14, 2011 TC rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: lad-lit
Colin Preston is 19, at university in upstate New York and doing all the things students are meant to do. When he meets free-spirited Jasmine he is besotted. This is a story of his first real love, betrayal and friendship.

Colin's other love is music, mostly from the 60s and 70s, and song titles and lyrics run throughout the story. For someone who knows their music better it would probably mean more to them, but a lot of it passed over my head. However the book is set in the mid 80s and contains...more
Angie Holtz
Jul 11, 2011 Angie Holtz rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Angie by: Bert Murray
The cover is brilliant. I don't think the characters are as HOT as described in the book but then again I'm 36 and not 19. It is colorful and eye catching. I had a hard time avoiding this book that I received from the author thru Goodreads. (Why was I avoiding it you ask? Because I have an ever growing list of books to review!)

The main character annoyed the living hell out of me. He whined a lot, and kept making choices that were making his life worse. Jasmine, the girl he obsessed over, was com...more
I first came across Bert Murray and his first novel Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled through multiple groups here on Goodreads. I have to admit, I am enjoying coming across all these new writers who have seized the brass ring when traditional publishing is becoming more and more selective on who they decide to publish. The cons of self-publishing however are understandable since a lot of the resources available with traditional are high cost on one's on. Ergo, I give some graces with certain thin...more
Stacey B.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: Overall, this was an enjoyable book. I've read better books, but I've also read worse books. It was a fairly quick read about a high school student and was pretty much what I expected it to be. The storyline was basically just a telling of a year of Collin's life in college; how he falls for a girl and what happens to his relationship and how that affects other parts of his life.

CHARACTERS: The main character, Colin, is pretty much a typical college guy. Then there's Colin's...more
I have to say I have mixed feelings about this one. If I hadn’t been reading for the purpose of giving out a review I can’t say I would have finished it. I tend to be more of a plot driven rather than character driven kind of reader and this isn’t really a plot driven novel. About a third of the way through I’m getting irritated thinking ‘where is this all leading?’ But then something odd happens and I find myself getting caught up in this young boy’s life and first love. I think I would’ve stil...more
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Bert Murray is an American indie author and Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled is his first novel. Bert attended Princeton University. When he is not writing he enjoys playing tennis and jogging on the beach. He loves classic rock music from the '60s. Please note: Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled has strong language and content. It is a New Adult/Coming-Of-Age novel for college age readers and adults...more
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